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Martial Arts

Martial Arts

Banner of FINAL FURY


3D FighterCombatFuturisticActionMartial ArtsSpectacle fighterFirst-Person3D
UNLEASH YOUR FINAL FURY!Innovative VR combat, combining arcade-style fighting mechanics with physical gameplayNine playable fighters, each with a unique move set, arena, and personality to matchBatt.....
Banner of Demon Legend

Demon Legend

Pixel GraphicsMetroidvania2D PlatformerActionMartial ArtsDemonsHorrorForeign
The demon king has risen from beyond the realm, heralding the end of humanity. In a post-yokai apocalypse, only demon hunters stand between the demon king's army and whats left of humanity.Demon...
Banner of Deceived by the Host

Deceived by the Host

Choose Your Own AdventureMartial ArtsChoices MatterRPGMultiple EndingsPoint & ClickEmotionalAdventure
Hiroshi Kawada’s third year as a college student is as hectic as it can be. He’s trying to secure a job for the sake of his beloved girlfriend, Nanami Miyasaka.However, things went even more sidew...
Banner of MerFight


CombatFemale ProtagonistActionMartial ArtsSpectacle fighterMultiple EndingsFantasyMultiplayer
MerFight is a 2.5D fighting game involving 12 fishy fighters influenced by a variety of flashy sea life such as angler fish, sharks, and the Yellowtail Fang Blenny.With an emphasis on flexibility an.....
Banner of Pim : The Forgotten

Pim : The Forgotten

StylizedActionCartoonyMartial ArtsPuzzle PlatformerDemonsController3D
In a universe full of fantasy and secrets, you play as Pim, a clumsy, easily scared red panda. Pim will accidentally unleash one of the oldest threats of the world, and he will have to face his grea.....
Banner of 江湖,从灵气复苏开始


HistoricalStylizedTower DefenseSurvival2D PlatformerStrategyMartial ArtsRoguelike
Banner of 囚牢


Turn-Based TacticsPixel GraphicsSwordplayCartoonDungeon CrawlerAction RPG2D PlatformerTurn-Based Strategy
SynopsisThe history of Tian Zhao, the concubine of the concubine, has a deep relationship with Emperor Tian Zhao. He once had a life -saving grace on His Majesty, and his pets have endured for many ye...
Banner of 武道传说 League of Fighters

武道传说 League of Fighters

Lore-RichPixel GraphicsFemale ProtagonistDark HumorSci-fiSuperheroMartial ArtsAlternate History
In the snowy ground, a freezing baby was unexpectedly rescued by two high monks, and them him to a mountain temple.How do they rescue the dying child from the two black and white death?The main ...
Banner of Moonatics


Pixel GraphicsDogStylizedActionFunnyCartoonyMartial ArtsAliens
MOONATICS is an IN-DEVELOPMENT indie fighting game. I plan on releasing a FREE DEMO as soon as 4 characters are fully playable and online multiplayer is working to an acceptable standard. Until then, ...
Banner of Cado: The Great Tournament

Cado: The Great Tournament

CombatFemale ProtagonistIdlerStylizedActionMartial ArtsSpectacle fighterCats
For centuries, the monasteries of the Sisterhood of the Great Protector have been doing their duty. Time after time, new generations of apprentices, selected by Oracles from all over Kadorai, have bee...
Banner of Kungfucious - VR Wuxia Kung Fu Simulator

Kungfucious - VR Wuxia Kung Fu Simulator

DifficultSurvivalActionFunnySuperheroMartial ArtsBullet TimeSpectacle fighter
Kungfucious is a VR Kung Fu Simulator/Sandbox where Violence is Virtue. Master the use of Meridian Points and Chi Skills to become the one true Kung Fu Master!Early alpha art. Not indicative of fin...
Banner of Guardians Of Gaia: Guardians 8

Guardians Of Gaia: Guardians 8

3D FighterCombatFemale ProtagonistSwordplayStylizedDifficultActionLinear
WISHLIST FULL GAMEhttps://store.steampowered.com/app/1718290/Guardians_Of_Gaia/JOIN OUR DISCORDAbout the GameThis prologue offers the chance to experience the combat of the complete game.GUARDIANS O.....
Banner of Burning Sword: Death Sun

Burning Sword: Death Sun

CombatSwordplayHistoricalDifficultAction RPGActionMartial ArtsController
Burning Sword: Death SunYou will play the role of Zhāng Yì Xiàn, the ruthless leader of the Hongchen Devil Sect. He has trained hard for over 4 years to get revenge. His heart is now filled with b...
Banner of CHI NINJA


Pixel Graphics1980sRetroDragonsSide ScrollerActionMartial ArtsNinja
Welcome to Chi Ninja, the fast-paced game that will test your ninja skills and reflexes like never before!In a world full of ninjas, our hero must fight his way to freedom using his sharp ninja ...
Banner of Sword Drift

Sword Drift

Dating SimCombatSwordplaySci-fiAction RPGActionDynamic NarrationStrategy
This is a VR simulation and combat game with a martial arts theme. In the game, players take on the role of a martial arts master, learning secret martial arts techniques, flying with their swords, ba...
Banner of Dash Cup Kickers

Dash Cup Kickers

FuturisticStylizedSci-fiSportsActionFunnyCartoonyMartial Arts
Super fast paced arcade action soccer withincredible power dashes, sweet mega tricksand unbelieveable powerful super shots!Play epic matches locally with and against your friendsand s...
Banner of Catniptic


StylizedAction RoguelikeActionFunnyCartoonyLootMartial ArtsFirst-Person
Step into the delightfully quirky universe of Catniptic! A third-person psychedelic platformer that takes you on an exciting journey through a cat's dream. Immerse yourself in a dreamscape world fille...
Banner of Bunraku


Party GameCombatSwordplayStylizedLocal Multiplayer2D Platformer4 Player LocalAction
Bunraku is a very fast action game inspired by Japanese puppet theater art. Up to 8 ninja friends can get together if you have a big enough sofa, connect via Steam Remote Play or via Parsec to play to...
Banner of We Could Be Heroes

We Could Be Heroes

Pixel GraphicsGoreCombatRetroBeat 'em upLocal MultiplayerSide ScrollerCo-op Campaign
Experience a classic arcade style beat ‘em up, brought into the 21st century. Knock enemies into the background, or foreground. Protect innocent civilians, enter background shops and buildings and int...
Banner of Fly With The Yellow Crane

Fly With The Yellow Crane

Turn-Based StrategyStrategyMartial ArtsRPGFantasyIndieDrama
Fly With The Yellow Crane is an independent game with a theme of cultivating immortals, a high degree of freedom, an unique plot, and an attribute development type. The main features are as follows:1....
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