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Medical Sim

Medical Sim

Banner of Let's School Homeroom

Let's School Homeroom

EconomyEducationSandboxVoxelFunnyStrategyMedical SimCasual
Add to Whishlist!Let's School: Homeroom is the prologue of Let's School, you can experience 2 weeks of in game time. Let's School will be available on Steam on 27th July, add to wishlist!https://stor....
Banner of Paramedics!


Real Time TacticsEducationSandboxActionStrategyChoices MatterFirst-PersonRealistic
Welcome to the thrilling world of Paramedics! In this game, currently in its early development stages, you'll have the opportunity to step into the shoes of an EMT, paramedic, or even a skilled docto....
Banner of Rage Simulator

Rage Simulator

GoreAbstractEducationConversationUtilitiesMedical SimPhilosophicalCasual
Game Description.Rage Simulator is a minimalist hand-drawn beat-em-up simulator.I made this little game for myself and for you guys, sometimes I just want to beat something up.Once the game starts...
Banner of Live Hard, Die Hard

Live Hard, Die Hard

CartoonComic BookSci-fiTower DefenseStrategySplit ScreenAliensMedical Sim
Oh, would you look at that... It's an alien invasion!Violence is how we deal with unwanted visitors! It's the Earthling way, ain't it?!You're the commanding officer, remember! So, get off your butt,.....
Banner of Wound Man

Wound Man

HistoricalDarkStylizedHidden ObjectMedical SimSoundtrackCasual2D
Wound Man is a Macabre Jigsaw Puzzle AdventurePiece together fascinating, historical images and uncover Wound Man's story.Featuring fascinating centuries-old artwork from some of the worlds most fa...
Banner of Total blade

Total blade

CombatFemale ProtagonistActionHorsesStrategyRealisticMedical SimRPG
OverworldPlayers can visit villages on the world map to recruit soldiers and engage in battles against enemy armies in the field.BattlePlayers directly participate in 3D battles and can simultane...
Banner of PSY in Apocalypse

PSY in Apocalypse

Post-apocalypticLinearRealisticMedical Sim2DIndieSingleplayerPuzzle
게임 소개PSY in Apocalypse는 포스트 아포칼립스 세게를 배경으로 한 2D 정신과 진료 시뮬레이션 게임입니다.직접 의사가 되어보세요여러분은 게임 속에서 정신과 의사가 되어 환자들을 직접 치료하게 됩니다.실제 의사에게 자문을 받아 현실적인 정신과 진료를 체험해볼 수 있습니다.수많은 환자를 만나보세요총 7개의 챕터로 구성되어 있으며, 20종 ...
Banner of Hidden Harbor 3 Top-Down 3D

Hidden Harbor 3 Top-Down 3D

Choose Your Own Adventure4XBeat 'em upIdlerAction RPGHidden ObjectActionBullet Hell
Find the objects that are hidden on the map.The game is a Hidden Object Game.In which you need to find objects with a certain design in beautiful locations, and click on them with the mouse....
Banner of Elixir


Pixel GraphicsSandboxDarkMedical SimCraftingRPGCasualTop-Down
Become the alchemistAbout the GameStep into the worn shoes of an ancient alchemist, awakened within a mysterious house shrouded with secrets. Explore your surroundings to uncover forgotten alchemy te....
Banner of Slav Junkie Simulator

Slav Junkie Simulator

1980sPost-apocalypticDarkPsychological HorrorSurvivalInteractive FictionFirst-PersonRealistic
You live in a small soviet slav eastern european cyberpunk city. You have severe heroin addiction that you need to sustain. You start in debt to the local mafia. Heroin is very expensive and earnings ...
Banner of On Call

On Call

EducationLinearInteractive FictionChoices MatterMedical SimEmotionalVisual NovelCasual
About the GameOn Call is a visual novel that invites you to work a rotation at Merritt General Hospital to learn about stress management for workers in the healthcare industry.Key FeaturesDuring y...
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