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Banner of Journey of Greed

Journey of Greed

Card BattlerStylizedBoardStrategyEditors' choiceIndiePiratesCard
Avast ye, mateys, and welcome to Journey of Greed, a card game that is sure to test your friendships!Sail the high seas long enough, and you might just find yourself without friends.How could havi...


Digital Deluxe EditionThe Deluxe Edition includes the Main Game, the Adventure Expansion Pack and the Deluxe Edition Bonus: Sniper King Outfit Set.Includes:Main GameAdditional Scenario: ONE PIE...
Banner of Curse of the Sea Rats

Curse of the Sea Rats

CombatMetroidvaniaSide ScrollerCo-op Campaign2D PlatformerActionRPGMultiple Endings
Curse of the Sea Rats is a ‘ratoidvania’ platform adventure with lovingly crafted, hand-drawn animations. Embark on the epic journey of four prisoners of the British empire, transformed into rats by.....
Banner of High Sea Saga DX

High Sea Saga DX

Pixel GraphicsRetroColony Sim2D PlatformerStrategyRPGCasualTop-Down
Next KairogamesComing soonhttps://store.steampowered.com/app/2488340/About the GameWell, shiver me timbers!Riches of legend inhumed in secret sites across the world, savage monsters to thwart each...
Banner of Survival on a deserted island

Survival on a deserted island

Game Introduction:In 'Survival on a deserted island', players will be placed on a remote desert island surrounded by a vast ocean. However, this island is not peaceful, with terrifying skeletal ...
Banner of Caribbean Legend

Caribbean Legend

RomanceSandboxHistoricalConversationAction RPGNaval CombatSailingNaval
Join our Discord!About the GameWelcome to the Caribbean in 1654 AD, a place teeming with opportunities and mysteries. Assume the role of Charles de Maure, a young French noble who embarked on a jo...
Banner of Pixel Piracy Online

Pixel Piracy Online

Pixel GraphicsSandbox2D PlatformerRPGMassively MultiplayerAdventure2DMultiplayer
Wishlist and follow Pixel Piracy Online (PPO) Now!Pixel Piracy Online is an entirely new game set in the same universe as Pixel Piracy; it's a complete remake of the base game. In this game, you a...
Banner of Sea of Treasures

Sea of Treasures

Pixel GraphicsCombatPrecision PlatformerSide Scroller2D PlatformerControllerCasualFamily Friendly
RECOMMENDED FOR YOUhttps://store.steampowered.com/app/2588430/Shadow_Rebirth/About the GameHistoryThere's a story about a legendary treasure hidden on an unknown island. This treasure is so grand tha....
Banner of Only Up! 1

Only Up! 1

HistoricalStrategyRealisticPhysicsCasualAdventureScore AttackMedieval
⭐⭐⭐ Have you ever wanted to walk through the peaks and have an eagle vision? To fly over the world like a God ! Embark on an exciting journey in Only UP: Rising ! Play as Jacky, a teenager from the .....
Banner of The Barnacle Squad

The Barnacle Squad

Turn-Based TacticsIsometricHex GridTurn-Based StrategyStrategy3DTop-DownFantasy
Recruit your squad, stock up on supplies, explore ruins in a rickety boat, battle monsters, collect loot, talk with castaway NPCs in camp, upgrade skills and items, feed the crew, rest the weary, repa...
Banner of Abandon Ship

Abandon Ship

TacticsStylizedActionNaval CombatStrategyCasualEditors' choiceAdventure
Engage in piracy and become a hunted Captain.Take command of an 'Age of Sail' ship and her crew, exploring a vast, story-filled world that reacts to your decisions. Engage enemy vessels, fortificatio....
Banner of GUNHEAD


RobotsRetroComic BookStylizedMechsSci-fiAction RoguelikeFPS
Gunhead is a FPS roguelite that challenges players with boarding and neutralizing procedurally generated alien starships to earn income for their Privateering enterprise. The decaying alien arks will ...
Banner of Cat Quest: Pirates of the Purribean

Cat Quest: Pirates of the Purribean

CombatIsometricCartoonAction RPGActionFunnyLootCats
Get whiskered away on a hearty catventure in Cat Quest: Pirates of the Purribean, the third installment in the award-winning Cat Quest series!Play as a swashbuckling purrivateer in this 2.5D open-wo.....
Banner of Sea of Craft

Sea of Craft

OUR DISCORD CHANNEL IS UP!FOLLOW US NOW!About the GameWelcome aboard, Captain, to planet Beella! “Sea of Craft” is a sandbox ocean-building game with realistic physics simulation. You can build yo...
Banner of Slimes - Cannon Combat

Slimes - Cannon Combat

Party GameDestruction3D FighterCombatArena ShooterActionCartoonyController
Slimes Cannon Combat is a chaotic PvP arena game with 2-6 players. Challenge your friends in a top-down shooter where you try to blast them off the island using a variety of powerups that you combin.....
Banner of Uncharted Ocean 2

Uncharted Ocean 2

Pixel GraphicsChoose Your Own AdventureReal Time TacticsHistoricalHeistTradingNaval CombatSailing
Join us on Discordhttps://discord.gg/yC2vyRrhRECOMMENDED FOR YOUhttps://store.steampowered.com/app/2218400/_/About the Gamehttps://store.steampowered.com/app/2205850/_/Time to set sail! This is des...
Banner of The World of Pirates

The World of Pirates

CombatActionNaval CombatSailingNavalStrategyRealisticPhysics
Welcome in this simulation-action game of "The World of Pirates" where you take the role of a pirate battling to take over the sea. With a range of ships sailing towards the peninsula, you must use y....
Banner of Rat it!

Rat it!

As an outlaw alchemist drifting around the ocean. While exploring an abandoned pirate ship, You Have uncovered rats who have been corrupted by the evil spirits of the deep. It is your duty to pick up ...
Banner of Draco and the Seven Scales

Draco and the Seven Scales

Pixel GraphicsCombatRetroDungeon CrawlerAction RPGActionNaval CombatSailing
Form a pact to save the one you loveThe seven seas are ahead of you, full of pirates, dark magic, and the thrill of discovery.Draco and the Seven Scales harkens back to an age of top down dungeon c...
Banner of Privateer


Lore-RichCombatFuturisticReal Time TacticsAction RPGActionStrategyChoices Matter
You have escaped from slavery on a mining asteroid and find yourself in an unfamiliar and hostile Sector. All you have is a stolen spaceship, a few fellows, and a boarding saber. Now, you must rely .....
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