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Banner of Celtique


Music-Based Procedural GenerationVampireHidden ObjectFPSActionRhythmFirst-PersonRealistic
Celtique is a multiplayer first-person shooter set in a French-inspired dream realm.Steal gems and kill other players while hiding in the shadows - stealing and killing increases your score, have th.....
Banner of BraceUp VR

BraceUp VR

Arena ShooterFast-pacedArcherySportsRhythmFirst-Person3DFamily Friendly
Welcome to BraceUp VR, the ultimate Play & Train game that will take your competition with friends to the next level! Prepare for an exhilarating experience as you engage in arcade break activities, s...


FuturisticRetroLevel EditorSci-fiSportsActionRhythm6DOF
LEVEL UP YOUR BODY - A fitness VR Rhythm Boxing Game! Put on your VR headset and enter futuristic stages where you punch and hit objects to a rhythmic flowing beat. Avoid obstacles with finesse by cro...
Banner of Typing Battle

Typing Battle

Cinematic3D FighterArtificial IntelligenceSci-fiUtilitiesActionRhythmRealistic
"Typing Battle" is a game based on typing speed and accuracy. In this game, players need to use the keyboard to input designated characters in order to defeat their opponents or achieve their goals.T....
Banner of Rhythm Realm

Rhythm Realm

Pixel GraphicsCombatAction RPGRhythmRPGTop-DownAdventure2D
Enter Euteria—otherwise known as the "RHYTHM REALM"In this world:Pigs talk,Olives walk,And the muses watch over everything.Play as Jim Gino, a mute boy with a special sword and the power to se...
Banner of Shadow BoXR

Shadow BoXR

Music-Based Procedural GenerationStylizedSci-fiSportsRhythmFirst-Person3D6DOF
Introducing the ultimate VR rhythm boxing game that will revolutionize your workout routine Shadow BoXR! Immerse yourself in a dynamic and interactive virtual environment that is designed to make you ...
Banner of Steampunk Runner

Steampunk Runner

SportsRhythmRPGFlightCharacter CustomizationAdventureAtmospheric2D
A 2D runner in which you have to control a flying hero with a mouse. The player moves constantly up, the van needs to avoid various obstacles by flying around them. There are two shops in the game: th...
Banner of Precision


Precision PlatformerMinimalist2D PlatformerFunnyStrategyRhythmFree to Play2D
This is a 2D simple puzzle game where the player follows the mouse and you cannot touch any obstacles or you will have to restart the level. You will have obstacles in your way to make the levels more...
Banner of Brood Ma : Dadda

Brood Ma : Dadda

CinematicAbstractSandboxDarkAutomationMechsPsychological HorrorRhythm
Dadda:Originally a real-time audio-visual experience designed for live performance, Dadda has now been adapted for into an avant-garde desktop PC experience, crafted within the UE5 engine. This un...
Banner of Project Kunlun - 昆仑工程

Project Kunlun - 昆仑工程

Pixel GraphicsActionLinearBullet HellRhythmEmotionalCasual2D
Under Development -A FAKE bullet hell shooter game.An Indie Game Developed by LZYIndependent Development: Solely responsible for scene design, scriptwriting, graphic design, programming, directi...


RetroPrecision PlatformerLevel EditorSide ScrollerActionRhythm3DFamily Friendly
BIT.TRIP is back as BIT.TRIP RERUNNER + RUNNER MAKER! The classic rhythm platformer just got revamped with new mechanics, trippy visuals, and a killer soundtrack – plus a level editor for aspiring gam...
Banner of The Bullet Hopper

The Bullet Hopper

Pixel GraphicsPrecision PlatformerLevel EditorMinimalistDarkPsychological Horror2D PlatformerAction
The Bullet Hopper is a time based exploration game with roguelite element and a gun-wielding rabbit. Navigate through the entire game under a time limit to evade the clutches of death! You will have a...
Banner of Game Over

Game Over

Pixel GraphicsChoose Your Own AdventureParodyDarkPsychologicalFunnyRhythmChoices Matter
Hi I'm Micky Monkey Business and you're looking at Game Over! In this musical RPG (which actually stands for Rhythm Playing Game now) you get to see what happens after the credits roll! What do the .....
Banner of Taiko Frenzy

Taiko Frenzy

Music-Based Procedural GenerationFast-pacedLevel EditorStylizedActionRhythmFirst-Person6DOF
Grab your sticks, drum up the beat and unleash your inner Taiko Master!Taiko Frenzy is a percussion rhythm game set in a stunning, colorful scenery. Immerse yourself in the world of Japanese fol...
Banner of BeatBeat


RetroLevel EditorMinimalistDifficult2D PlatformerActionRhythmSouls-like
Join Us On DiscordAbout the GameBeatBeat is a funky rhythm-platformer with highly addictive Just-One-More-Try syndrome injected directly into every line of code.Use 100% of your brain! Rhythm AND P...
Banner of Away From Home

Away From Home

Turn-Based TacticsPsychological HorrorAction RPGActionFunnyLinearStrategyRhythm
Away From Home is about a boy who lives in a dying world that has stolen everything from him. He has a chance to get it all back, but is that what you want? Control the main character against their wi...
Banner of Max Twist

Max Twist

FuturisticSportsActionRhythmFirst-Person3D3D VisionFlight
Max TwistIntro:In this futuristic Xtreme Sport, players mount hover boards and spiral down a tube in space that is full of obstacles. Smoke speed records and set new max twists to a heart-pumping so.....
Banner of PARRY KING


3D FighterCombatVoxelActionRhythmSpectacle fighterController3D
PARRY KING" is a voxel boss rush parry game in which a crowned king is relentlessly mastering the path of parry.Game Features No exploration elements!No death penalty!No items to consume!Super f...
Banner of Skyline Sprinters

Skyline Sprinters

Level EditorActionCartoonyStrategyRhythmChoices MatterPuzzle Platformer3D Vision
Welcome to an adrenaline-pumping platform game where players embark on an exhilarating race against each other through a challenging parkour course! Prepare to test your agility, speed, and reflexes a...
Banner of 乘风破浪(ride the wind and waves)

乘风破浪(ride the wind and waves)

SportsRhythmCasualRacingScore AttackMultiplayerImmersive Sim
《乘风破浪》是由幻动宇宙团队开发的一款VR冒险竞速游戏。玩家利用VR设备和手柄,在虚拟世界中身临其境体验体育竞技 的临场感,戏提供了多种冲浪板选择,每个板型都有不同的特点和用途。你可以根据自己的喜好和技能选择适合的冲浪板,并在浪花中尽情驰骋。通过手柄的动作捕捉技术,你可以模拟真实的冲浪动作,例如划水、平衡、转向等,这将让你感受到真实的冲浪体验。在游戏中,你可以挑战各种不同的冲浪任务和比赛。完成任务...
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