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Banner of Figment 2: Creed Valley

Figment 2: Creed Valley

Wishlist Bedtime's upcoming game, Bobls!https://store.steampowered.com/app/2459890/Bobls/About the GamePiano bridges, dancing plants and musical showdowns, ready to dive into The Mind?Figment 2: C...
Banner of Rhythm Master

Rhythm Master

CombatAbstractReal Time TacticsSci-fiStrategyRhythm3DCasual
‘Rhythm Master’ is a new concept rhythm game in which each stage proceeds in a battle format based on a story.Collect various characters and strategize using their unique abilities to fight against...
Banner of Rock Star Life Simulator

Rock Star Life Simulator

EconomyMusic-Based Procedural GenerationFPSFunnyRhythmChoices MatterFirst-PersonRealistic
ADD TO WISHLISTAbout the GameOur game simulates the journey of a talented rock artist starting to play guitar on the street and trying to become a world star. The flow of the game will be shaped by...
Banner of Rhythm Brawl

Rhythm Brawl

CombatRetroLocal MultiplayerActionLinearRhythmSpectacle fighterChoices Matter
It contains vertical-scrolling rhythm gameplay which is most notably found in games like Guitar Hero, but in multiplayer. But that's not all that it offers!There is the Edoren System which spices t...
Banner of DreamWorks Trolls Remix Rescue

DreamWorks Trolls Remix Rescue

CartoonLocal MultiplayerActionCartoonyRhythmAdventureMultiplayerColorful
Jam with the Trolls in this exciting new adventure!Play as Poppy, Branch and more of your favorite DreamWorks Trolls as you explore, smash, dance and battle your way towards rescuing the Troll K...


Female ProtagonistSci-fiSportsActionRhythmEmotionalCasualAdventure
◤◢◤◢◤◢◤◢◤◢◤◢◤◢Attention.This data is not available for analysis.◤◢◤◢◤◢◤◢◤◢◤◢◤◢// ███████ World █generation rate//0%if█████████Regenera██████████ █ 0%█// execute ██████████Ex█████████████████//...
Banner of Rivals' Duel

Rivals' Duel

3D FighterCombatAction RPGActionRhythm3DSouls-likeCasual
Rivals Duel is a single or multi-person action game. You will be able to control your character and maneuver him quickly.*third person game*Controls long-range weapons, pistol, shotgun and ri...
Banner of Home


Choose Your Own AdventureReal Time TacticsFemale ProtagonistAction RPGActionFunnyLinearTurn-Based Strategy
Wishlist "Away From Home" Here:https://store.steampowered.com/app/1631980/Away_From_Home/About the GameLate at night you enter their world. You will inhabit a girl named Abby and influence the wor...
Banner of The Jackbox Party Pack 10

The Jackbox Party Pack 10

TriviaStylizedLocal MultiplayerPartyStrategyRhythmCasual2D
Become a party legend with The Jackbox Party Pack 10.Start Your PartyThe celebrated franchise returns with 5 new party games in 1 hilarious pack. Reunion? Work Party? Hanging with pals? There's a ...
Banner of SUPER 56


Hidden ObjectSportsActionFunnyRhythmFirst-PersonMemes3D
Eons ago, SUPER 56 was banned by the Government of Pain and all copies were buried in the Samsara Desert. Cartridges have now been spotted in independent gaming stores throughout Hell. Roommates Kro.....
Banner of Rock Star Life Simulator: Prologue

Rock Star Life Simulator: Prologue

EconomyMusic-Based Procedural GenerationFPSFunnyRhythmChoices MatterFirst-PersonRealistic
WISHLIST FULL GAMEhttps://store.steampowered.com/app/2530950/Rock_Star_Life_Simulator/About the GamePrologue offers a more limited experience compared to the full version. In this version, you'll p...
Banner of Nom Nom: Cozy Forest Café

Nom Nom: Cozy Forest Café

Have you ever wanted to escape from the stress of urban life? Nom Nom: Cozy Forest Café is a cozy and relaxing decoration and rhythm game where you manage a café and befriend cute animals.Low stre...
Banner of vivid/stasis


Pixel GraphicsChoose Your Own AdventureFemale ProtagonistPsychological HorrorRhythmVisual NovelCasualLGBTQ+
And so, you find yourself here, at the apex of what we sought to achieve.vivid/stasis is a rhythm-mystery hybrid game that follows the fates of four girls as they get wrapped up in a mind-bending a...
Banner of Kizuna AI - Touch the Beat!

Kizuna AI - Touch the Beat!

Dating SimFemale ProtagonistActionRhythmController6DOFCasualVR
Say hello (morning!) to a new kind of rhythm game, and hang out in a virtual space with Kizuna AI!■Game OverviewKizuna AI: Touch the Beat is a rhythm game that features Kizuna AI.Play in VR mode, ...
Banner of Drum Legend

Drum Legend

Level EditorIdlerActionRhythmPsychedelic6DOFCasualVR
We proudly launch Drum Legend 2.0 !The game now support Custom Songs!Visit our Discord for Import Guide and get the Song Editor.(Click on the Discord bar at the bottom right)Drum Legend...
Banner of The Forgotten Village of Gondomayit

The Forgotten Village of Gondomayit

CinematicPsychological HorrorPsychologicalActionDynamic NarrationStrategyRhythmPuzzle Platformer
The Forgotten Village of Gondomayit allows you to experience the mystical atmosphere of Indonesia.Tells the story of a girl named Kinan who has just been assigned out of town to carry out her dutie...
Banner of rote²(roteSquare)


Level EditorRhythmCasualFree to Play2DIndieSingleplayer
rote²is a game that variates traditional rhythm games.The note falls on the six lines, and you have to press the keyboard when the notes touch the bottom of the line!Notes can fall across several l...
Banner of Fretless - The Wrath of Riffson

Fretless - The Wrath of Riffson

Pixel GraphicsCombatInstrumental MusicMusic-Based Procedural GenerationElectronic MusicRhythmControllerRPG
Play as Rob, a friendly musician trying to restore harmony in an off-tuned world where wacky villains are corrupting music.Rick Riffson, boss of the evil Super Metal Records company, is using the...
Banner of Scream or Die

Scream or Die

3D FighterAutomobile SimArena ShooterBattle RoyaleAction RoguelikeSportsActionStrategy
Horror game.The player needs to get out of the maze with animatronics.The player has lives that are reduced when the animatron comes close, in order to scare him the player needs to scream...
Banner of Re:|THM - once upon a time

Re:|THM - once upon a time

Sci-fi2D PlatformerRhythmRPGFree to PlayTime ManipulationEarly AccessIndie
"Re:|THM - Once upon a time" is a rhythm game RPG that travels through reversed time. The rain rises from the bottom to the top, and defeated enemies come back to life. Meetings become separations, an...
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