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Top Sandbox Games

Top Sandbox Games

Banner of Cooking Simulator 2: Better Together

Cooking Simulator 2: Better Together

DestructionSandboxReplay ValueFunnyFirst-PersonRPGPhysicsWholesome
More Gameshttps://store.steampowered.com/app/1101120/Gunsmith_Simulator/https://store.steampowered.com/app/1358140/Cooking_Simulator_VR/https://store.steampowered.com/app/641320/Cooking_Simulator/A...
Banner of Auroria


SandboxAutomationSci-fi3DCreature CollectorDrivingRPGCasual
Traveling throughout the mysterious Beia Galaxy, weary Explorers finally find solace in the starry sky—a blue planet shining brightly, just like a long-lost home.Step out of your Lander, my friend. Y....
Banner of My Gaming Club

My Gaming Club

EconomyAutomobile SimSandboxArtificial IntelligenceHidden ObjectFirst-PersonRealistic3D
My Gaming Club - gaming club simulatorYou have to raise your business from knees, the only thing you have at the start is an old garage that you inherited from the deceased Uncle BenWhat is this ...
Banner of Mortal Kombat

Top Atmospheric Games

Banner of No One Survived

No One Survived

DiscordDiscord:https://discord.gg/uRMK4zZ7JZAbout the GameGame introduction:"No One Survived" is a multiplayer survival sandbox game, always pay attention to your character status and those dangerous....
Banner of Shieldwall


Shieldwall is a funny third-person tactical battle simulator with strategy elements. It allows you to feel like a squad leader right on the battlefield.Caesar needs you! Gaul won't be conquered by i.....
Banner of Infection Free Zone – Prologue

Infection Free Zone – Prologue

Post-apocalypticSandboxColony SimMinimalistDarkSurvivalZombiesAction
CHECK OUT MORE FROM GAMES OPERATORShttps://store.steampowered.com/app/2397450/Dust_Raiders/https://store.steampowered.com/app/1379600/Pandemic_Train/https://store.steampowered.com/app/1793260/Deli...
Banner of Crashlands 2

Crashlands 2

Open World Survival CraftSandboxSci-fiAction RPGSurvivalActionFunnyCrafting
Join the DiscordSign Up for NewsAbout the GameReturn to Woanope as Flux Dabes, intergalactic trucker and disgruntled corporate employee. After years away from the planet under a lucrative (if moral...
Banner of Pathless Woods

Pathless Woods

SandboxAgricultureSurvivalFarming SimStrategy3DCraftingRPG
Join Our DiscordAbout the GameBuild Your Own MasterpiecesPut your crafting skills to the test and construct a variety of structures that embody the essence of ancient Chinese architecture. From trad.....
Banner of ALOFT


Open World Survival CraftSandboxSurvivalActionNaval CombatSailingFirst-PersonCrafting
Aloft is a sandbox survival game where you must survive on islands floating around an eternal hurricane at the center of the map.Build your base and sail the winds to discover new islands and find...
Banner of Outbreak Island

Outbreak Island

Open World Survival CraftPost-apocalypticSandboxSurvivalZombiesActionFirst-PersonRealistic
After mysterious events occurred on the Island ░░░░░░░, most of its population disappeared without a trace, while the rest have undergone irreversible changes in the course of mutation.You arrive...
Banner of Farm Folks

Farm Folks

Dating SimFemale ProtagonistSandboxAgricultureAutomationFarming SimCraftingRPG
Join our CommunityAbout the GameThis game published by CrytivoJoin Farm Folks email list to receive news about game updates and potentially get invited to test game.Farm Folks is a solarpunk ...
Banner of Station to Station

Station to Station

SandboxMinimalistAutomationTransportationVoxelCozyStrategyProcedural Generation
RoadmapJoin our Discord! About the GameAttention all passengers! We are thrilled to announce the highly anticipated arrival of 'Station to Station' on your PCs! FEATURES A relaxing and peaceful...
Banner of Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator 2

Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator 2

CinematicGod GameChoose Your Own AdventureReal Time TacticsGrand StrategySandboxArtificial IntelligenceAction
Welcome to Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator 2, the most ridiculous and insane battle simulator in existence! Create eye watering battles with hundreds of thousands, and even millions of characters on s....
Banner of Night of the Dead

Night of the Dead

Open World Survival CraftFemale ProtagonistSandboxTower DefenseSurvivalZombiesActionHunting
Lucy wakes up from a human experiment and gets trapped in a city covered with zombies. She must survive nightly zombie waves and communicate with a group of survivors to escape from the isolated area....
Banner of Astral Quester

Astral Quester Global

Turn-Based TacticsLore-RichPixel GraphicsRobotsRetroSandboxComic BookSci-fi
Step into the role of an interstellar explorer in the system of Cerulia, dominated by interplanetary corporations. Our story unfolds in a distant galaxy where Betelgeuse Interstellar, an interplanetar...
Banner of SpaceEngine


ScienceEducationSandboxSci-fiProcedural GenerationRealisticCasualFamily Friendly
SpaceEngine is a 1:1 scale science-based Universe simulator, featuring billions upon billions of galaxies, nebulae, stars, and planets, all shown at their full real-world scale. Explore Earth and our ...
Banner of Among Us

Top Colorful Games

Banner of Abyss


Real Time TacticsSandboxArtificial IntelligenceDungeon CrawlerSci-fiProcedural GenerationChoices Matter3D
Join Us On DiscordAbout the GameKey Features:Open World Exploration, PvE, PvP, Gathering, Crafting, Procedural Dungeons, Procedural Quests, Monthly Updates.Wishlist on Steam and join our communit...
Banner of Deceive Inc.

Deceive Inc.

New Update: Of Queens and KingsUpdate Highlights:● New Agent, Octo: meet the boisterous super-hacker, Octo!● New Private Lobbies: Players now have the ability to facilitate their own private matc...
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