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Top Survival Games

Top Survival Games

Banner of Blob Life

Blob Life

Real Time TacticsSurvivalLinearStrategy2DIndieSingleplayerLife Sim
Welcome to Blob Life - a game where you build, feed, play and take care of your blobs. You will be working as long as you'd like until you decide to leave the lab. No job comes with no payment, so as ...
Banner of Down There Somewhere

Down There Somewhere

UnderwaterSurvivalActionStrategyFirst-Person3DHorrorTime management
Can you survive ?A small submarine is sent to the depths of the ocean for research. But an unidentified creature attacks the submarine. You know that the rescue team will send a new submarine in a...
Banner of Extinction Protocol

Extinction Protocol

Post-apocalypticTower DefenseSurvivalStrategy2DIndieSimulation
Extinction Protocol is a unique blend of strategy and adventure. Take control of a construction ship. Plan your fight against enigmatic war machines. Make the most of challenging missions and explor.....
Banner of Toca Life World: Build a Story

Top Educational Games

Banner of Bee Craft Sweet

Bee Craft Sweet

Grid-Based MovementReal Time TacticsAgricultureIdlerSurvivalStrategy3DCrafting
Your mission is to guide the rookie queen bees and a few bees to survive the fierce competition for survival.Let's expand the base freely, healthy and cute bees will captivate your heart.Let's go ba.....
Banner of Multiworlds


God GameSurvivalFPSActionFirst-Person3DSpaceOpen World
"Multiworlds" It is a 3Dgame where the worlds are facing a problem due to a terrifying glitch that alters their environments. As the protagonist of the game, it is your responsibility to solve this .....
Banner of Neuralgia


In this horrifying game, you assume the role of Blake Jensen, the CEO of Creative Edge, a renowned company known for its groundbreaking innovations.You unknowingly stumble upon a sinister plot o...
Banner of >HAL_4


ScienceDarkPsychological HorrorSci-fiSurvivalActionPuzzle PlatformerHorror
>HAL_4 is a singleplayer action-puzzle horror game. In another dimension...Enter the Devil's Garden; a mysterious network of interdimensional tunnels located beneath the abandoned town of Gladd...
Banner of Knockback: The Awakening

Knockback: The Awakening

This is early alpha software. Gameplay will change over time.You and your adventurous buddies are experimenting with some magical trinkets after your last quest when you hear moaning in the forest. .....
Banner of Tmutarakan


CartoonHistoricalSci-fiSurvivalCartoonyMystery DungeonVisual NovelDiplomacy
"Тmutarakan" is a fantasy kinetic visual novel that follows the adventures of young Oleg and his friends on their journey to the town of Tmutarakan.Dive into the magical and adventure-filled atm...
Banner of Sole Seeker

Sole Seeker

Pixel GraphicsTacticalSurvivalActionStrategyProcedural GenerationAliensRPG
Discover new stars in a massive galaxy. Explore hostile planets full of dangerous enemies. Build formidable bases to survive all alone. Make the best of your circumstances as a wandering astronaut in ...
Banner of Bomber Party

Bomber Party

Turn-Based TacticsParty GameTacticalLevel EditorSurvivalActionTurn-Based StrategyStrategy
Immerse yourself in an explosive and heart-pounding adventure! Put your strategic skills to the test as you battle through a fast-paced arena, aiming to eliminate all opponents and emerge as the last ...
Banner of Jylko: Through The Song

Jylko: Through The Song

Pixel GraphicsCombatSurvivalAction RoguelikeActionBullet HellRoguelikePvE
Jylko: Through The Song is a roguelike / shooter in 2D.You play as Jylko, who loves to listen to musicAnd each time, he lets himself be guided and carried by the notesthe chords and the in...
Banner of Mercury Fallen

Mercury Fallen

UndergroundRobotsScienceColony SimAgricultureMiningSci-fiSurvival
Howdy Folks!My name is Tim and I'm the solo developer of Mercury Fallen.After being sent to a distant planet, a group of colonists awake to find that their stasis capsules have malfunctioned caus...
Banner of Scars of Mars

Scars of Mars

FuturisticReal Time TacticsInventory ManagementDungeon CrawlerSci-fiAction RPGSurvivalAction
December 6, 2158.You take on the role of a commander of a humanoid unit, embarking on a top-secret mission to rescue survivors and escape from a research facility on Mars, which suddenly lost contac.....
Banner of Wandering Wolf

Wandering Wolf

CombatDarkDungeon CrawlerSurvivalFPSActionFirst-PersonAdventure
S T R I B O G is a first person shooter with a strong focus on immersion and survival.You will take part in unpredictable events and stories created by the game itself.You will meet only that wh...
Banner of Straya


CombatSurvivalFPSActionFirst-PersonAdventureOpen WorldSingleplayer
Straya is an Action based First Person Shooter set in Australia around the late 1960's. With a focus on surviving the many dangerous animals that inhabit the land, air and water, the player can perfor...
Banner of Dead Cells

Top Replay Value Games

Banner of Kill The Cute

Kill The Cute

GoreDungeon CrawlerAction RPGSurvivalAction RoguelikeActionFunnyBullet Hell
Hordes of Cutelings will come after you and they are only after one thing. Cuddles! You better shoot them in the face before that happens!You're the Villain!In this fast-paced Roguelite you will...
Banner of 什么鸟都


Combat4XSandboxColony SimAutomationTower DefenseSurvivalAction
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