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Banner of Death in the Water 2

Death in the Water 2

BEWAREBeware the waters, they hide a mysterious and terrifying threat. Death, an ancient Kraken leviathan haunts your every move in this tense underwater horror survival game. Fight to survive u...


Pixel GraphicsUnderwaterAgricultureActionFunnyFarming SimFishingCrafting
V 1.0 Out Now!DISCORDAbout the Game・An adventure, RPG, management hybridExplore and unravel the mysteries in the depths of the Blue Hole by day and run a successful exotic sushi restaurant by night......
Banner of Loddlenaut


Pixel GraphicsSandboxUnderwaterSci-fiSurvivalCozy3DCreature Collector
Loddlenaut is an ocean cleanup adventure set on a vibrant alien planet. Play as an interstellar custodian who is tasked with cleaning up the pollution left behind by spacefaring mega-corporation. Befr...
Banner of Dinosaur World

Dinosaur World

Female ProtagonistSandboxUnderwaterMiningDinosaursSurvivalActionHunting
About the game:As an explorer, you will come to an unknown sea areas and lost land, where many dinosaurs and other prehistoric creatures live. They are not extinct and have formed a unique ecological ...
Banner of Deep Blue Fantasy

Deep Blue Fantasy

Pixel GraphicsUnderwaterSailingTurn-Based StrategyStrategyProcedural GenerationRoguelikeRPG
Deep Blue Fantasy is a roguelike adventure game set in an underwater world.This is a distant future where the continent has sunken into the sea. Human, Merfolk, Leafkin, and Mechanoid all live togeth....
Banner of Descended


ScienceEducationSandboxColony SimUnderwaterStylizedActionStrategy
Descended is an action RPG that treats ideas of deep sea settlements and genetic manipulation.The player's avatar is a human who has recently arrived at the bottom of an alien sea with one task ...
Banner of Human Phobia

Human Phobia

Choose Your Own AdventureUnderwaterPsychological HorrorActionLinearFirst-Person3DHorror
Join our community and share your phobias with us.The game consists of various phobias, each with a unique storyline and terrifying locations for complete immersion in the world of fears. Choose ...
Banner of silkbulb test

silkbulb test

Lore-RichChoose Your Own AdventureUnderwaterPsychological HorrorSci-fiProcedural GenerationChoices MatterFirst-Person
You're late. We were about to start without you. Through that elevator on your left, please. And then down the hallway - don't lollygag, we're behind enough as it is.If the elevator stops, under no c....
Banner of Thalassophobia


3D FighterFuturisticUnderwaterArtificial IntelligenceHidden ObjectActionNavalFirst-Person
Thalassophobia is a 4 player online co-op horror game. Descend into the depths of the ocean to clear out sunken ships and find objects to complete the missions tasked to you by your higher ups.featur....
Banner of Fish Survivor - Feed, Grow and Evolve!

Fish Survivor - Feed, Grow and Evolve!

UnderwaterSurvivalAction RoguelikeActionOnline Co-OpMultiplayerSingleplayerPvP
Fish Survivor is a survival game with minimalistic gameplay and roguelite elements.Dive into an epic underwater world, where you'll start as a small fish and embark on an exciting survival journ...
Banner of Sunkenland


Open World Survival CraftPost-apocalypticSandboxUnderwaterTradingSurvivalZombiesFPS
Sunkenland is an exciting post-apocalyptic survival and exploration game set in the near future when water covered most of the Earth. Explore sunken cities, scavenge resources and valuable technologie...
Banner of Chillquarium


SandboxUnderwaterIdlerCreature CollectorFishingCasualFamily FriendlyTime management
Chillquarium is a relaxing idle game, where you buy fish and raise them in real time, then sell them to turn a profit or keep them around to earn money through ticket sales!Unlock rare fish throu...
Banner of Fight Crab 2

Fight Crab 2

3D FighterUnderwaterActionFunnyMartial ArtsSpectacle fighterPhysicsMultiplayer
In a land far, far away, the ultimate form of entertainment is Fight Crab—a combat sport where crustaceans fight to see who can flip over the other faster and reign superior.Crabs are immortal gladia....
Banner of Fishing Online

Fishing Online

UnderwaterSportsActionCartoony3DCreature CollectorFishingEmotional
Fishing Online is a game that embodies the online world of Fishing where you live an outdoor life. This game is still under development and will be continuously developed and added. Currently it inclu...
Banner of Sipho


SandboxUnderwaterLevel EditorSci-fiSurvivalAction RoguelikeActionReal-Time with Pause
CommunityAbout the GameSipho is a game that combines eerie real life underwater creatures, insects, body parts with building, combat and exploration. Create your own creature by combining various par....
Banner of SQUIDS - Battle Arena

SQUIDS - Battle Arena

CombatFuturisticArena ShooterUnderwaterStylizedLocal MultiplayerSci-fi4 Player Local
FEATURES:- 40+ weapons with varied abilitiesChoose your weapon by collecting powerups containing shields, melee attacks, bombs and traps- Different types of destructible environment (ph...
Banner of WhaleGameOnline


TacticalUnderwater2D PlatformerStrategyPuzzle PlatformerCasualFamily FriendlyAtmospheric
Can You Make a Whale🐋?This is a fun and charming game where you connect adorable sea creatures and help them grow bigger.When you match creatures of the same type, they progressively get larger.T...
Banner of Jewel Match Atlantis Solitaire 4 - Collector's Edition

Jewel Match Atlantis Solitaire 4 - Collector's Edition

SolitaireUnderwaterReplay ValueLinearCasualFamily FriendlyAtmospheric2D
Immerse yourself in the enchanting depths of the mystical underwater realm of Atlantis Solitaire! Delve into numerous intricate underwater levels and build stunning aquatic landscapes.Tackle th...
Banner of Soul Drifter

Soul Drifter

Gravity-defying parkoursExperience heart-pounding parkours through vast landscapes. Enjoy a unique stamina-based platforming system where you use movement abilities like gliding, dashing, flapping you...
Banner of Sunken Ships

Sunken Ships

UnderwaterStylizedNaval CombatControllerRPGAdventureSubmarineAtmospheric
Explore a little seaside coast of submerged ruins, sunken ships and lonely islands.Upgrade your submarine with various turrets to fend off against the many dangerous denizens of the sea.Se...
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