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2K View2022-11-28
So eventho i didn't get some limited operator like alt specter or The radiant knight but i have so many 6 star, even my siege already max potent !
and im glad that Arknights is one of my main games. they released the anime this season, dont forget to check it out !
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Why I loved Arknights? - Arknights (Tower Defense Game) Impression
In this day where a lot of gacha games has been releasing globally, it is such a huge impact for developers to release some of the most engaging, fun and, interesting features and characters in the world of gacha games that has been developed for over a year. Some players or most likely gacha players are find it like it was addicting and feel the wonderful excitement of getting a OP characters they love or waifu's/husbando's.
If I have to a nickel for everytime I praise Arknights on being generous with their gacha, contents and updates, I'd have enough to roll for a 6*, which isn't a lot since they are great on their rates and you can pull who you want easily. They offer you a lot of ways to farm for your rolls like Annihilation and Originium Shard Farming. They also have the Recruitment in which you can get 3* up to 6*s without breaking your wallet. You ain't seen nothing like this yet, plus, if you do spend on it, you can be sure that you'll be rewarded with their updates, music and many more.
Etherias Morsone1K2022-11-29
3rd Arknights Anniv
I know what you want Free gachas right ? yeah me too HAHAHA. Hope we all get at least 1 *6 operator which we wanted so much ! Good luck, docta :)
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