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City Island: Collections game
5 City Islands in 1 - City Island Collections [Review] Gameplay

5 City Islands in 1 - City Island Collections [Review] Gameplay

3K View2022-12-21
City Island Collections combines all 5 City Island building lists in one game. You will have 5 islands, hundreds of buildings to pick from, upgrade opportunities and some balancing to do. Fun chill farmlike citybuilder that doesnt require a lot of your time per day.
More in this First Impressions/ Review video from 2022.
This video is more of a quick review on the new game. Gameplay looks pretty promising, specifically with all the copycats in its Genre. A lot of unique mechanics and interesting ideas!
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City Island 4 - Gameplay Walkthrough | Part 1 (Android, iOS) #kamalgameplay #cityisland4 #cityislandgameplay #citymaker #buildinggames City Town Builder. One of Best City Building Games. Create your own town city. Play the most popular city building game series on mobile! In this new City Island game, City Island 4- Simulation Town: Expand the Skyline, town building has never been more fun! You’ll be the tycoon to grow a small village on one island into a virtual world on multiple islands. No internet required to play.
5 City Builders in 1! City Island Collections Review.
I love city builders. Countless hours in Simcity, Skylines and such. City Island Collections is a mobile city builder game which caters mostly to the fans of City Island series. You will be able to use buildings from all the previous game on 5 different islands, so its 5 games in one. Gameplay in City Island Collections is pretty simple. You use ingame cash to open card packs. Each card you pull is a building. There are 4 types of buildings: Residential, Entertainment, Workplace and Decoration. Residential buildings gives you population. Entertainment and Decoration ones raises population cap. Workplace is a building that produces ingame cash when there are workers (basically population). So your goal in the game is balancing the buildings to maximize the profits.
I'll finish building my house on each island in no time
This game will let you experience how to build and design your own island - there are 5 city islands initially. The graphics are smooth and your goal is to build a thriving city in the first one. Some of the buildings provide jobs, therefore you will earn cash which you can use to upgrade and finish your buildings. I also love that it provides a good amount of rewards, making it easier to upgrade the buildings.
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