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1K View2023-01-30
If you ask me to rate a mmorpg with total freedom and most engaging and intresting this is it!
Freedom of weapons,class,no paid stuff most f2p friendly....no need to give irl money for powerful weapons.... Most liquid in game market where players sell stuff to each other.
Its just best one must try tho it is confusing first but once you find some friends its a lot easier.
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The best of all... It has everthing a player want.. Nice character design, good story,many boss to fight,a big map to explore, f2p friendly too. The graphics is aswm in my opinion. But the only problem is it's big size considering it's graphis , and a good mobile to run it. But other than that it's overall the best.
The style of playing, endless improving and same chance for all players really good on pvp and kindly hard pve game play. Really addicting and fun. Also community is great
This game is my second favorite mmorpg after the shutdown of Durango. This game is not too unfair to free players like other game. And the best thing about this game is that u don't need to choose any class for ur character, if u are good at it and if u are interested, u can do anything in the game. The game is sandbox and isn't highly story driven but rather real human players driven. NPC don't play much role in the game as much as real players do. Everyone can have something they love in this game.
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