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1K View2023-02-01
Started playing in 2015, until finally decided to quit on 2021. It is not because of bad reasons, but my own will to finally move on to a new game. Toram Online is such a classic Japanese MMORPG, with tons of options in how you can build your playstyle and character customization. Social aspects in the game and continuous development kept me playing the game for years. I made a lot of memories by playing Toram Online!
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Toram online is old game but have everything you need for MMO RPG I mean it's one of those games the you  love it or you hate it  but good  enough to play and have a good time.
Jose Villegas1K2023-01-31
Toram was my first MMORPG and boy am I glad it was. I didn't have a pc when I was young, so all I played on was my phone so it was hard to find really good MMOs but there were still a few that got me hooked to them. First and foremost, I loved and still love Toram online. It is very f2p friendly and there really aren't any reasons to buy from the online store unless you wanted to support them or really just wanted to whale your way(or free but gacha costumes). The customisation is very well-done, I could spend hours and hours just trying to decide on what I want. To top it all off, it has the unique skill tree system which offers a high amount of freedom. You want to be a swordsman that can cast magic? Just get the magic skill tree and the swords skill tree.
Best MMORPG I've played so far ❤ been playing Toram for almost 3 years now and I really love it. I just hope that they will have more collab with anime series or other MMORPG. Hope this will help~
Zin Lohr2K2022-04-22
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