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Mortal Kombat
This game is too basic

This game is too basic

32 View2023-02-13
I hate this game a lot reason being this game is really boring. I'm a very high rank and this game is just the same thing over and over again tap repeatedly to combo then hold with two fingers to block that's all the gameplay. Test your might isn't a change either it's just repeatedly tap.
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Ahammed -irfan
Ahammed -irfan

and this is a ps5 game


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Too simple, enjoyable but gets boring overtime..
if only the auto shot/aaim is a bit inaccurate.. it wouldve bmade the game more skill base than hero base.. if ur hero got more damage and attackspeed.  you'll be  strong most of the time.. and also the drop rate is soooo bad.. i love the game so much... but its so hardto go on cause you'll get tired of playing, it feels like ur not gettin anything back...
Ken Calinao512022-08-20
Game is terrible. I see why it's small and never gets brought up in comparison to serious fighting games. This is like the "kids table" of fighting games. - Terrible latency (which sometimes affects input) - Unbalanced characters with spammable kits - Blocking uses meter - Meter gradually refills which promotes more spam (Most matches against real players will be them spamming super. Super/run away/super/run away)
The user has deleted the account2882021-12-10
This Game Kinda Sucks
This game and all the other Mobile "ports" of fighting games by Netherrealm are honestly disappointing. I expected the game to play just like the console games, but I am instead met with swipe and touch controls that I find way too boring and repetitive. I don't like the fact that special moves are level locked, and I also haven't seen any character banter at the start of the round, which is even more disappointing.
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