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Cyber Protocol
One move at a time~

One move at a time~

2K View2023-03-11
I got the technique to win this game faster! And it requires a lot of patience *ugh* I super enjoyed this. I just thought that the game would go faster along the levels you cleared.
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Its a bit hard but it's really simple. But if your looking for a game that you want to play for a long time this is probably not the game for you.
Ima Legend8702023-09-06
Step back and collect skills for a powerful attack
I must say that the Japanese voiceover adds a cool vibe while playing. The game's file is large enough for my phone, but I managed to install it without hassle. With every move, there will come a certain consequence, yet there are times that I will go back -- I know, I'm still new to this.
This seems simple, but not easy.
The graphics and effects are not that fancy, it is very simple (for me). This game’s structure isn’t complicated, there is only one task per stage. I thought that I could easily pass each stage but the task is more difficult than I thought. I tried twice on the first stage and I couldn’t pass the fourth stage. Furthermore, I hope the developers will upgrade this game and create more stages.
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