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Idle Survivors: Last Stand
Idle Survivors - Saving the WORLD from the ALIEN INVADERS!

Idle Survivors - Saving the WORLD from the ALIEN INVADERS!

425 View2023-03-20
I enjoyed Idle Survivors a fair amount. Here's my First Impression on the game. Hope you enjoy it.
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Idle Survivors : First Impressions
Try Idle Survivors: the Last Stand, an Idle Survival RPG against Aliens, for free now! EMAIL ► [email protected] Join this channel to get access to perks: https://www.youtube.com/c/fg3000/join
A cool game that won't get you bored when you play it!
I always enjoy survival games like this one. It is entertaining since you need to survive here by providing yourself with some food and shelter. You will fight some aliens here and I like it when I kill some aliens because it gives me some materials to help me build my shelter. I keep on playing this game because it is super enjoyable and I actually recommended this to my friend who also loves survival games like me, and she also loved this game!
High quality Idle game. If you are a fan of those, then you'll love this one!
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