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Idle Survivors: Last Stand
Idle Survivors : First Impressions

Idle Survivors : First Impressions

114 View2023-09-09
Try Idle Survivors: the Last Stand, an Idle Survival RPG against Aliens, for free now!
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Idle Survivors - Saving the WORLD from the ALIEN INVADERS!
I enjoyed Idle Survivors a fair amount. Here's my First Impression on the game. Hope you enjoy it. Subscribe to my YouTube Channel:
Sora Synn4252023-03-20
Idle Survivors: Last Stand - An ALIEN IDLE Game. Time to SAVE THE WORLD!
Idle Survivors: Last Stand is your standard idle game that you can play on mobile devices. Gameplay wise this game has you choose 5 units to combat aliens. You can choose to manually have your team set up, or you can press the recommended lineup if you just want to get straight into the action. Combat can be skipped if it's not a boss encounter. Basically when you enter the combat zone, you can wait a few seconds, then you can skip the combat entirely and get straight to the loot for that combat mission. But if its a boss encounter you cannot skip the combat mission, however once you pass chapter 1-10 you can have the combat be full auto, including the special moves. While the heroes special moves have no special cinematic, the vehicle does.
Sora Synn1932023-03-20
Idle game? or Strategy game? | First Imprssion
Originally I thought it was a simple idle game, but it turns out there are a lot of elements in it. I'm not averse to these kinds of games either and find them interesting. The graphic is American Style, if you like idle games this is a must! If you don't, give it a try as you might be surprised. Additionally, I think this Package Deals all are very unreasonable and too expensive.
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