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Tom and Jerry: Chase
Biggest problem

Biggest problem

58 View2023-03-25
Is optimisation imo. I can barely play this game on my phone even tho my phone can handle wild rift. If you have really good phone with good connection
I think it would not be a problem.
Other aspects is really great, the gameplay, music, backgrounds, map design are things that i really appreciate.
Some may say this game release so many skins, events that are unnecessary and imbalance. I think the problems do exist but not so intimidating as much so if you are a good player on either sides with not much of a "skill issue" you can get along good with this game
Too bad it didnt work for me
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My opinion. The game is very beautiful, interesting animals. The construction is amazing.  And there is not enough MMS for smartphones. And now about the problems. 1. Construction. Almost everything is fine and very beautiful. The first drawback is auto-leveling, my ladder has grown into the middle of the wall. But this is a small thing. The main problem is the very fine print. I can't read or find almost anything. I understand that such a number of subjects is difficult to organize. But banal Google tables are more suitable than the current interface.
Manowator мобильные игры2882023-07-14
The game is great, the music, the skins, the movements are very good and strategic, this game is just perfect, the only flaw is just the optimization, it keeps crashing a lot and it's almost impossible to play.
👍 Pros: solid game, great graphics,fun gameplay, things you'd expect from a AAA game but on mobile. 👎 Cons:  Game needs polishing, kept getting some huge lag spikes after a few rounds, and there was this weird graphics issue where the screen would show this grainy 90s TV look idk if it's a game feature and I doubt it but just putting it in there. There's also some lag when pressing "play" it takes a good few seconds to get you to the matchmaking menu, it's not like a long time but it's noticeable.
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