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Fiery Waifus and Epic Story: Evaluating the Pros and Cons of Outerplane

Fiery Waifus and Epic Story: Evaluating the Pros and Cons of Outerplane

9K View2023-04-20
Outerplane is Gacha game with fantastic story and great graphics, but is it enough to keep playing? Lets take a look.
In this article, we will explore the various aspects of Outerplane to help you decide whether it is the right game for you.
1. Great Story
I usually skip all dialogues, and I started doing the same for Outerplane, but at some point I realized that I am sitting there and reading the story. Its really good, fun and interesting, Isekai style. If you like that kind of stuff, you wont be disappointed.
2. Fantastic Graphics and Effects
Outerplane features Anime styled graphics which looks really good. Its pretty low details, but looks nice and fits the game perfectly. Character and combat animations are nice to watch and well done. And dont get me started on character design and art. Some heroes are very good waifu material.
3. Different Combat Mechanics
Your characters have normal attack, skill attack and an ultimate. Then you have Action Points that are piling up over time in battle, they can make your skill attack stronger, with additional effects. On top of that you have link attack, where all your characters attack enemy together.
4. Free reroll for top tier hero at the start
You can reroll as much as you want with just 1 click of a button until you get 3star hero that you want. This works only for a special first summon with a guaranteed 3star to get you started.
1. Combat speed
Even with faster combat speed all the animations in Outerplane  are too slow. You cant turn off ultimate animations and fights take forever to finish. This is the main and most important CON of the Outerplane and should be adressed by the devs. Ability to either skip fights entirely, or skip animations is a must.
2. Low amount of Diamonds per day
For F2P players it will be hard to get enough diamonds for summoning good team of heroes and upgrading them. Outerplane doesnt give that much of diamonds per day, so as soon as you will get stuck, you will get stuck for good.
Conclusion. Is Outerplane Good?
Outerplane is a nice gacha game, that you can play for quite a while as f2p, enjoying the story. Although if your goal is to collect and max all heroes it will be a challenge. Fights take quite a while as well. Other than that Outerplane is a great game which will bring you quite a few good memories.
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Outerplane is an anime turn-based game( and when we say turn-based game, most of the players refer to it as "boring" or a "waste of time"). But hear me out... Even if it is a turn-based game, Outerplane excel in different ways such as 1. Good story line( isekai anime genre) and the story mode has voiceover so its a big W for players who are not a fan of reading long texts. 2. great character design with different unique characteristics. 3. Gacha system is not bad and not good ( I'll say pretty normal for a gacha game). 4. Characters are farmable which is really awesome ( except for demiurge characters) but it is still a big W since you can get a total of 15 shards a day and if you can clear it everyday, you'll get a total of 105 shards every week. 5.  Gears are farmable ( just like in other gacha game so its totally normal). 6. the skill animation and burst animation is really good( except it is time consuming, hope they add skip animation soon). 7. Great graphics for a mobile game.... Overall, this game has a lot of potential and has a lot to offer to their players. As for me, I am still enjoying the game and having fun building my characters so I am planning to stick to the game for a little longer. If you are still doubting to try the game, give it a try and decide after trying the game.
Crying Aqua3482023-12-17
Outerplane is a Gacha game with Isekai plot where your character got betrayed and looking for revenge. Collect multiple heroes, upgrade them, make a good team and conquer the enemy with you faithful waifus. Lets take a look? This video review of Mobile/ PC/ Console Game will show you some gameplay and help you to decide if you should invest your time into this game, we will discuss game mechanics, combat, progression, mechanics and f2p or p2w aspect of the game made in 2023.
Outerplane is a great-looking gacha that reminds me of Epic Seven
When I first downloaded Outerplane, admittedly, my first thought was, "Here we go, another PTW gacha game," but what I got instead was a pleasant surprise. The anime-styled animations were impressive, and the narrative and combat mechanics kept me glued to my screen for much longer than I thought I would be. What drew my attention to this one was partly because so many people compared this to Epic Seven
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