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Somnolent: Action RPG Fantasy
A Buggy 3D action RPG with Potentia

A Buggy 3D action RPG with Potentia

6K View2023-05-19
The game Somnolent shows promise with its PS2-era graphics and fun combat/loot system. However, the game is plagued by crashes, bugs and glitches that make progress almost impossible.
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I recently played Somnolent and honestly I have pretty mixed feelings about it so far. The combat is okay, I like that there is no auto combat in the game, but I did find the dodge to be weird and sometimes you would dodge in the wrong direction, which happened a few times on the dungeon boss causing me to die a few times. There are a lot of visual glitches in the game, lots of flickering when I played and also there is zero voice acting. Also you can't skip in game cinematics. So you are forced to sit through dialogue that may or may not interest you. The game also takes a long time to load at times, and I even had to force quit out of the game at one point because I was stuck on the loading screen when entering the first dungeon.
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