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Monster Hunter Now
(Gameplay) Monster Hunter Now

(Gameplay) Monster Hunter Now

2K View2023-06-28
For anyone who's ever dreamed of hunting monsters in the real world, “Monster Hunter Now” brings that fantasy to life. Taking the role of a hunter, players will venture forth and team up with fellow players in order to take down the fiercest monsters in the world, adding a social element to the thrilling experience.
The trailers were such a huge success! I wasn't able to catch up with the list of testers and I still hope that this game get to be recognized all around the world~
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I wish... signed up multiple times have yet to receive any news or anything



same i would so much love to take part in the beta but no response


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Monster Hunter Now (GAMEPLAY)
Monster Hunter Now has its game open for early access. This game is just similar to any Niantic game like Pokemon Go, and I was also playing NBA All-world previously. Instead of going ahead and collecting Pokemon or battling with any other NBA players, this time is focused on hunting monsters. The rarities of monsters will increase as you go ahead and increase your Hunter rating or level, and then you'll be able to gain access to higher rarity monsters that you can go ahead and battle.
Monster Hunter Now - Go OUT Into The WORLD, And Hunt MONSTERS!
Monster Hunter Now is currently in soft launch and is available now in these countries: Canada, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Sweden. The game will be available globally on September 14th. But if you cannot wait to play the game right now. You will have to play it with a VPN if you are not in the available soft launch countries. Surprisingly there is a little bit of a story in this game, from what I could piece together, the monsters are coming through to our world and we the players have been recruited to become monster hunters in order to help take down all the creatures that are running lose in the world. It's an interesting premise and it's a good way to give a reason as to why we are chasing down monsters from the games in the real world. As for the gameplay itself, just like with pokemon go and other games of the sort, you have to actually go outside and find all the monsters.
Sora Synn4K2023-08-11
An early look before next month’s launch! | First Impressions - Monster Hunter Now
Monster Hunter Now brings the thrill of monster battles to your immediate surroundings. Using your smartphone's camera and GPS, the game superimposes virtual monsters onto your real-world environment, effectively transforming your surroundings into a hunting ground. This unique blend of AR and physical space allows you to engage in battles in your own neighborhood, park, or any location within your designated perimeter range.
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