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To become a Dream team - Captain Tsubasa Ace Review

To become a Dream team - Captain Tsubasa Ace Review

7K View2023-07-07

Today we are looking at one of the oldest Sports anime that still has an excellent following and several games throughout gaming history that goes from console to mobile!
Talking about Captain Tsubasa! Anime series, but we are looking at the beta of a new game for this series coming out called:
Captain Tsubasa Ace!
To point this out again, this is the game's beta, giving you a first look.
Players can control Tsubasa Ozora, Kojiro Hyuga, and other players to use their iconic ultimate skills. Players can enjoy the fun of intense competition on the pitch through "Dream Team," "Ace Showdown," and other game modes. Enjoy the fun of progression every match through various player development options.
My Experience:
So I have played about 3 Captain Tsubasa games in total, and honestly, I am not a fan of sports games besides maybe NBA Street and Blitz League...you know, the one football game you see, Mortal Combat Xrays.
But anyway, the Captain Tsubasa games have been fun for me since I haven't played many soccer games before.
Experiencing the many team combinations, powerful anime attacks, and seeing which characters will work best with each other.
If you are looking for a good anime sports game, you should check out this one and the PC/Console versions, which have also been fun.
Captain Tsubasa Ace does something abit different, giving you the choice of doing it manually or having the AI do it for you. Doing it manually makes it alot easier to aim for goals and avoid any issues.
Pros and Cons of Captain Tsubasa Ace
Great Visuals
Old-time characters remastered visuals
Very challenging
Team Customization
Captures the Anime/Manga series very well
along with each character's spirit and energy
Fun Combo Skills
Engaging Player Progression system
The Animations sometimes aren't very fluid
Controls are slightly less responsive
Noticeable Repetitive animations
An intense fandom exists for the Captain Tsubasa series, both anime and Manga. Seeing how each character is different in either their personalities, abilities, and how they work together.
Captain Tsubasa Ace gets a rating of
Highly Recommended
Are you looking for a good anime game?
Check out the time to get this out!
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