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The Newest S+/SS Tier List and FAQ

The Newest S+/SS Tier List and FAQ

5K View2023-07-11
Hey, fellow Pokémon trainers! I'm here to bring you a overall S+/SS tier list and tackle some burning questions you might have🤝
💡 FAQ:
#1 -  What is the tierlist based in?
This tierlist is based in the current meta for Global Servers, does not have in mind future Pokémon. Also, it does not consider fights against Pokémon like Primal Groudon. In that case, Giratina and Hoopa would be best in 11 stars for DPS and all the others would drop to Good or Decent.
#2 -  Why is that certain Pokémon there?
This tierlist considers the materials needed and the performance improvement. For example, Yveltal's damage can be compared with Hoopa (both at 11 stars) in certain cases, but Hoopa receives a way better performance increase.
#3 -  Clarifications about some Pokémon
Victini: Needs other Fire units to shine the most, the tierlist considers that Victini is being used in a Fire team comp. If that is not the case then Victini places lower on the tier list.
Genesect: Needs Steel units to perform at its best, as with Victini the tier list considers that Genesect is being used in a Steel team comp.
Zekrom: Needs Zeraora 8 stars to survive, if not paired with him Zekrom would decay to Bad in both 8 and 11 stars.
#4 -  Team comps?
Yes. Meta is leaning towards specific type comps such as Steel, Fire and in a future Water, Ghost, Fairy/Ground/Rock.
For you to extract the full potential of some Pokémon such as Genesect or Victini you need as many Steel or Fire units as possible.
#5 -  What does Control and DPS mean?
Control effects are Stuns, Taunts, Charms, Paralysis... All of them can be found in the Battle Manual.
DPS means Damage Per Second. "Attack" Pokémon belong to DPS category.
#6 - Some updates(05/08/2023
a) Marshadow is the best DPS at all star levels
b) Manaphy must be used in a water team (preferably with Primal Kyogre as your core Pokemon as part of the water team)
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