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Cats & Soup : Magic Recipe
Merge and cook with cute kittens! Cats & Soup: Magic Recipe is officially out now in the UK!

Merge and cook with cute kittens! Cats & Soup: Magic Recipe is officially out now in the UK!

4K View2023-08-22
Need more kittens? Play Cats & Soup: Magic Recipe now!
Cats & Soup: Magic Recipe, the latest work from HIDEA, the development team behind Cats & Soup - Cute Cat Game, is officially available now in the UK. Featuring a soothing hand-drawn art style, a collection of healing soundtracks, and most importantly, many cats to choose from,  Cats & Soup: Magic Recipe really brings an exceptional casual game experience with the easy-to-understand merge gameplay and various mini-games, taking the cuteness to another new level.
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Charmingly combines merge mechanics with culinary creativity | Review - Cats & Soup : Magic Recipe
Cats & Soup: Magic Recipe is a recently soft-launched mobile game that blends ‘merge’ gameplay mechanics with the art of cooking, creating a unique and enchanting gaming experience. It is a follow-up to the similarly titled relaxing game Cats & Soup, made by the same developers Hidea. 🟩Pros +Whimsical, charming visuals and soundtrack +Merge game mechanics, with a cooking twist +Challenging puzzles +Filled with attention to detail, mini-games, and activities +Very considerate in monetization aspects (optional ads only)
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