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MementoMori: AFKRPG
An Art Filled Gem! πŸ’Ž

An Art Filled Gem! πŸ’Ž

73 View2023-09-07
Beautiful artwork and clean systems!
Destiny Child was my baby the last 4 years and I had been looking for a replacement in case they ever shut down. Sure enough they did, and I had a friend recommend Memento Mori as a suitable replacement.
My initial expectations were not high, as my love for DC was very! However this game has performed incredibly well regarding my hopes and expectations.
Beautiful artwork, and a lyrically written song for every single character (called Lements) makes every character feel special, and it is a very auto-play Gacha style game. I completely enjoyed the fast fast in which they absorb you into the elements of the game. Other games can feel extremely complicated, and over explained, or even under explained; this game has been extremely easy to navigate, and the artwork and voice work is very beautifully done as well
I am still quite a new player, but will likely continue to okay so long as they keep the elements so simplified and beautiful.
Only element is like to see is the war element (especially guild battles), a little more prettier in aesthetics, as they are just SO harsh looking, however battle/war does sometimes feel that way.
Perhaps just more artistic elements in the sub menus and the shops, w fonts and borders in game kinda thing. It's just SO pretty everywhere else, I feel this could be touched up a bit. NO CONS.
Beautifully done game, highly recommend if you enjoy collectable artistic characters, and of course your expected Skill, and Gacha systems like most games these days. Very free to play though, high recommend as a lil pick me up daily game.
These kind of games I find are perfect for staying focussed on your day while working, and can help working hours not feel so grueling, and even a little fun y'know? Finished a ton of work, play a lil, more work, more play, etc. It plays itself so you can really be productive while also feeling like you're having fun.
Tons of rewards immediately, and you actually feel pulled to play.
I am very much enjoying, and hope you will too! πŸ’•πŸ’•
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I love this game so far..
the art is wonderful, music is amazing and the story seems pretty cool so far. I'm definitely enjoying the vibe of the so far. Working smooth on my phone too. the extremely long wait felt Worth it. i like how vibe of the game it reminds me of magia record but with a medieval fantasy. all the characters have a theme and a amazing CVs. to be honest they got a fair share of sexy girls. i know the Battle system isn't that special, it's unique and i like it alot. it extremely artisy!
The game is stunning and the art is phenomenal, the only issue I have with the game is that the combat can get dull and boring. This is more of a personal issue but overall the game is great
First thing first, I came to this game bcs all characters are male and most of em are handsome! πŸ₯΄LMAOO Good: - The artstyle are solid and cool! - The songs they have are really good to hear (I mean no cuteness and cheerfulness songs). I love Crazy Roulette the most HAHAHA. - IMO. It's IMO, the gacha's rate not too bad, I got 2 4⭐ + 1 5⭐ for only 10x gacha 1 time. - I can't tell about storyline, bcs I didn't really into it. Sorry.
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