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Metal Slug: Awakening
Metal Slug: Awakening is a modern run-and-gun adventure!

Metal Slug: Awakening is a modern run-and-gun adventure!

3K View2023-09-09
[Music credit: “Action" by PRM ]

Learn more about  Metal Slug: Awakening from my review here
learn more about Metal Slug: Awakening from my review here
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A Blast from the Past with a Modern Twist The classic run-and-gun arcade series with stunning graphics, diverse gameplay, and nostalgic elements. Fans of the original Metal Slug will enjoy the familiar characters, weapons, and vehicles, as well as the new features such as world exploration, 3-player mode, and Roguelike mode. The game also pays tribute to the iconic maps, enemies, and Easter eggs of the franchise, making it a fun and engaging experience for both old and new players. Metal Slug: Awakening is a must-play game for anyone who loves action, adventure, and retro style.
RUN, GUN, SUMMON TANK! - Metal Slug Awakening Gameplay!
Summary: Metal Slug: Awakening is a newly developed side-scrolling action shooting mobile game licensed by SNK, based on the essence of the legendary arcade masterpiece! With upgraded visuals that pay homage to its retro roots while introducing a fresh and captivating art style, the game brings a splendid visual presentation and abundant content, including a vast array of weapons, diverse battlefields, and various super-vehicles.
Metal Slug: Awakening GAMEPLAY
This is the metal slug we all deserve! It looks and sounds good. The sprites are classically small and have little animation, but are set against bright, eye-pleasing backgrounds. The sound is effective, even with the Byuden theme tune and slightly digitized vocals.  It's a little slow at some time, but that slowness doesn't stop you from having fun! This slows down the pace of the game and makes the control scheme more manageable on mobile devices.
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