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Challenge The Lone King of Aeterna! | Torchlight Infinite: The City of Aeterna - Review

Challenge The Lone King of Aeterna! | Torchlight Infinite: The City of Aeterna - Review

180 View2023-09-11
Torchlight Infinite: The City of Aeterna is the latest season of Torchlight Infinite, an action-RPG where players can expect fast-paced combat, an abundance of loot, and a range of character customization options. The game features fine graphics and smooth performance, making it one of the better ARPG options on mobile today. The City of Aeterna, dubbed as “The Lost City” is now returning as part of Torchlight Infinite’s latest content update.
What I liked about Torchlight Infinite as a whole is that it does not shy away from action-packed and over-the-top explosions and visuals. Even if you just started right away, the visual splendor of combat already feels like end-game levels of fun with the characters mowing down crowds of foes with ease. Of course, it only gets better as you play and unlock more skills to experiment with. That’s not to say there aren't any downsides, as the visual clutter is also its own downfall, not just in the combat, but in the menus as well.


As for the overall premise, Torchlight Infinite places players in the role of a Hunter infected with the supernatural Aember, tasked with battling mutant creatures called Aemberons. The story revolves around partnering with Aria and embarking on a quest to defeat the Aemberon leader, Lean, who has stolen a valuable artifact. The story is largely forgettable, especially once you get going with the combat, which is the main highlight. It is definitely one of the weaker points of the game. My suggestion? But give it a chance if it gets you hooked. If not, just press skip and just follow the waypoints, skip to the good parts.


As The City of Aeterna features Seasonal content, it means starting a new character from scratch to access most of the stuff. I chose Frostfire Gemma for my Season playthrough,— a mage class that harnesses special abilities through fire and ice attacks, as I love playing casters in ARPG games. Character movement is controlled with the left thumb, and you can assign up to five skills to the buttons on the right. Attacks typically auto-target, provided the player is facing roughly the direction of the enemy.
The skill and perk system allows players to tailor their character's skills, modifiers, and power levels. The ability to unlock various upgrades and customize skills with effects adds depth to character development and encourages experimentation. The skill and perk system is an engaging mechanic overall, and one that adds variety and brings much experimentation even if you are only playing a single character.


Torchlight Infinite has always been known for its vibrant and colorful art style, and The City of Aeterna is no exception. While Infinite is a slight departure to the original Torchlight series graphics with its cel-shaded-esque style, the graphics are still crisp and pleasing to the eye, enhancing the overall immersive experience. The game also runs smoothly, with optimizations for mobile phones and improved controller support (Even showing control schemes from Steam Deck, Xbox, and PlayStation controllers), ensuring that players can enjoy the action however they want.

The City of Aeterna

This expansion brings a bunch of new content to the table. A new hero, skills, end-game component, and legendary gear keep players engaged and striving for more powerful builds. The highlight of the update is the titular The City of Aeterna. Players can access it by collecting enough "Mark of the Ruins" fragments and overlaying them on the Aeterna Map.
Within The City of Aeterna, players can defeat monsters to gain Energy. Collecting a certain amount of Energy rewards Kindling which grants seasonal rewards when offered to the Sacrificial Bonfire. As players progress the Bonfires, they have the opportunity to challenge the boss of The City of Aeterna: The Lone King of Aeterna, varying levels of difficulty. The more Bonfires collected, the better the rewards from defeating the boss. Eventually, you will unlock Infinite City of Aeterna, which functions as an additional endgame content moving forward.
Additionally, there is a First Kill event in place for The Lone King of Aeterna and the top ten players in each server (AS, EU, NA) and for each Hero Trait will receive 500 Primocrysts. Additionally, these top ten players will receive an exclusive event Avatar. Those who complete the challenge but don't reach the top ten rankings will still earn a smaller reward of 100 Primocrysts, which is still a nice bonus for participating in an otherwise fun Season.
In addition to the Seasonal content, The City of Aeterna also introduces a new hero Forsaken: Iris, a new hero with unique abilities related to the Spirit Magus, the extreme Flame of Pleasure trait for Frostfire: Gemma.
The patch also brings a significant overhaul to the crafting system. Players can lock affixes, upgrade affixes with Flame Elementium, and take risks with Ultimate Ember upgrades. The Targeted Processing feature allows for specific affix customization, all while retaining plasticity efficiency. Fine Ember, Precious Ember, Divest Fossil, and Refined Fossil have been removed from crafting, streamlining the crafting process.


Overall, The new season undoubtedly increases replayability with its new content, both in characters, progression, end-game variety, and in the quality of life changes. It doesn't fundamentally alter the core gameplay loop, which can be a good thing, but may leave long-time players wanting more significant changes.
For more details about the Season, you can read more about it here in the website’s Patch Notes.
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