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"The City of Aeterna" Season First Kill Competition Begins on September 7th

"The City of Aeterna" Season First Kill Competition Begins on September 7th

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Legend has it, in our homeland, lies the great and undying kingdom of Eternity.
A desolate and ruined land, known to the world as Aeterna.
Endless wealth and eternal mysteries are buried beneath its broken facade.
Thick fog shrouds the crumbling walls, where our people wander, waiting for Eternity's grace.
Those who chase wealth enter our kingdom, their young bodies filled with Desire.
Until the kingdom of Eternity shatters and collapses before them, only to be Rebuilt once more in a strange form.
Inescapable Aeterna, irresistible Eternity.
No matter how many times it repeats.
In the end, we gain another kinsman.
"Torchlight: Infinite" "The City of Aeterna" Season First Kill Battle has arrived!
Hunters will herald the start of the new Season, continuously collecting Aeterna Maps, piecing together the truth of Aeterna, and ultimately defeating the Season BOSS [Lone King of Aeterna] to achieve the first kill of the new Season!
About Season-exclusive Gameplay:
- Hunters interact with the Monument of Aeterna on the map to enter the edge of Aeterna - Ruins of Aeterna.  In the Ruins of Aeterna, Hunters need to Ignite Candelabrum within an Exclusive time limit to obtain Rewards and a fragment that records the state of all Candelabra - Mark of the Ruins.
- Hunters need to obtain more Marks of the Ruins and overlay them on the map of Aeterna, allowing the city to be Rebuilt once more.
- Special tickets that drop in The City of Aeterna - [Queen's Wick].  Hunters can use the Queen's Wick to find the Lone King of Aeterna in the Great Void, defeat him, and seize the treasures that have been accumulating in Eternity for millions of years.
Competition Rules:
Simply defeating the easiest difficulty of "Lone King of Aeterna" (by inserting 1 "Queen's Wick") counts as completing the Season's first kill and will be included in the rankings.  Of course, we also welcome brave Hunters to directly challenge higher difficulty Season BOSSes.  - Please note: The difficulty of "Lone King of Aeterna" varies depending on the quantity of "Queen's Wick" inserted, with one Wick being the easiest and three Wicks being the hardest.
In this event, the rankings for each server (AS, EU, NA) and each Hero Trait will be calculated separately.  This means that players who prefer different Hero Traits can now compete with others who share their preferences!
For more information about this First Kill Competition, please see here:
Q: How do I sign up for this First Kill event?
A: During the event, create a  Character in the seasonal server to automatically participate in this speed event.
Q: What is the duration of this event?
A: September 7th, 2023, 17:00 (PDT) to October 7th, 2023, 23:59 (PDT).
Q: What are the Rewards for this event?
A: The top ten players in each server and each Trait will receive 500 Primocrysts, and players who complete the objective during the event but do not make it into the top ten will receive 100 Primocrysts.
Rank 1-10 Reward: For each server (AS, EU, NA), the top ten rewards for each Hero Trait will be identical - 500 Primocrysts and an exclusive event Avatar.
Rank 11+ Reward: Earn 100 Primocrysts for completing the challenge during the event.
Q: What are the rules for reward distribution in this event?
A: Event rewards will be based on the participant's account, and each player can only receive one reward (calculated based on the highest value).
Q: When will the event rewards be distributed?
A: All rewards will be uniformly distributed after the event concludes and player rankings are confirmed.
Q: How is the fairness of this event ensured?
A: We will perform data checks on all ranked players. If a player's character demonstrates abnormal gaming behavior (including, but not limited to, using external scripts, RMT, exploiting malicious bugs, etc.), we will disqualify the player and impose penalties at our discretion. The [Torchlight: Infinite] officials retain the final right to interpret this.
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The once flourishing kingdom has transformed into Eternity's Aeterna, and its territory has expanded to the Leptis Continent. In the new season, hunters can enter the edge of Aeterna through the "Monument of Aeterna" in the stage and obtain the material "Mark of the Ruins" after completing the time-limited challenge. Through NPC "Kandel," overlay the "Mark of the Ruins" on the Aeterna Map, connect different reward points, and form a path to enter Aeterna and unlock these rewards.
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