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Collect Mark of the Ruins and Explore the City of Aeterna!

Collect Mark of the Ruins and Explore the City of Aeterna!

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The once flourishing kingdom has transformed into Eternity's Aeterna, and its territory has expanded to the Leptis Continent.
In the new season, hunters can enter the edge of Aeterna through the "Monument of Aeterna" in the stage and obtain the material "Mark of the Ruins" after completing the time-limited challenge.
Through NPC "Kandel," overlay the "Mark of the Ruins" on the Aeterna Map, connect different reward points, and form a path to enter Aeterna and unlock these rewards.
Each time Aeterna is assembled, the final Aeterna Map will be completely different due to the varied shapes of the "Mark of the Ruins." We hope that hunters will encounter different random surprises with each unique Aeterna they enter!
Lone King of Aeterna
As the final boss of this season, the Lone King of Aeterna is hidden in the "Great Void." Hunters need to obtain the ticket "Queen's Candlewick" dropped in Aeterna to qualify for the challenge.
But the story doesn't end there.
Soul Candle
The "Soul Candle" dropped in Aeterna will grant new strength to hunters. Installing it on skills will significantly enhance hunters' combat capabilities.
Soul Candles can be fused in pairs to become stronger, but they may also bring some negative effects. If hunters can utilize Soul Candles effectively, their battles will be more efficient.
The new season "The City of Aeterna" will begin on September 7th at 17:00. More information about the new season can be found on the Bilibili site after the live broadcast ends, or you can check the full version of the season preview live replay and follow the season update log on the official website.
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