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Torchlight: Infinite
Torchlight: Infinite: Worth Playing with the New Update?

Torchlight: Infinite: Worth Playing with the New Update?

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Behind the colorful and vibrant veneer of something greater, Torchlight Infinite is, sadly, dull and repetitive.
The mediocre story does a poor job at getting players invested into the world Torchlight offers. You pick a hero and are then dropped into the thick of things with zero exposition or indication of what’s going on, who anyone is, or what is supposed to be happening. However, the game expects you to know and to care, to which, it fails on both fronts.
The new season, the City of Aeterna, reportedly is boosting loot drops and giving new game modes for players to dive into. Nothing wrong with variety I suppose.
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4/10 review. Why bother making a review when you don't understand not only the game but entire genre...


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Torchlight Infinite is a sad shadow of the pc/console games. No equipped gear shows on your character. That combined with the uninspired artwork and repetitive gameplay really just puts the nails in the coffin on this one. I do not recommend this one. Not even to fans of Torchlight.
Torchlight: Infinite - Is It a Play or Skip? (60-sc. Review)
Torchlight Infinite can best be described as an isometric action RPG in the same vein as Diablo, where the call of better loot and EXP pushes players forward. Even though Torchlight Infinite boasts a plethora of skills, traits, and builds of the characters player use, these do not alleviate how repetitive and stale Torchlight’s gameplay loop gets. I have seen other players profess that the game gets better when you get to the late game. However, if a game cannot hook me within the first three hours, then I’m afraid the remaining how ever many will do little to convince me otherwise.
R8 Gaming (HyRool)1722023-09-12
Torchlight Infinite’s global launch is here - Should you play the Torchlight Infinite open beta?
Torchlight Infinite is the latest installment of a much-loved series of dungeon-crawling, loot-hoarding action-RPGs. Today marks the start of the open beta, which will remain running until the full launch of the game, with all character and account progress carrying forward. THE STORY Set hundreds of years after the numbered Torchlight games, Infinite doesn’t require advanced knowledge of those past titles. Players select one of the five named heroes (with more promised in the future), each with their own unique class and playstyle. Then they journey out into a world where powerful Ember Tech has helped build up a wildly advanced civilization and culture...right up until said Ember begins being corrupted by dark forces and unleashing monsters into the cities, forests, and mountains of the land of Leptis.
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