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Torchlight: Infinite
Torchlight: Infinite - Is It a Play or Skip? (60-sc. Review)

Torchlight: Infinite - Is It a Play or Skip? (60-sc. Review)

172 View2023-09-12
Torchlight Infinite can best be described as an isometric action RPG in the same vein as Diablo, where the call of better loot and EXP pushes players forward.
Even though Torchlight Infinite boasts a plethora of skills, traits, and builds of the characters player use, these do not alleviate how repetitive and stale Torchlight’s gameplay loop gets.
I have seen other players profess that the game gets better when you get to the late game. However, if a game cannot hook me within the first three hours, then I’m afraid the remaining how ever many will do little to convince me otherwise.
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Torchlight Infinite is a sad shadow of the pc/console games. No equipped gear shows on your character. That combined with the uninspired artwork and repetitive gameplay really just puts the nails in the coffin on this one. I do not recommend this one. Not even to fans of Torchlight.
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Hey Guys, Today I am back with a Gameplay review of Torchlight Infinite, this is the best ARPG game & In this video, I talked about heroes, skills, gameplay mechanisms & more so if you are an Action RPG lover then you should try this game. Don't forget to like the video & share it with your friends & ARPG fans
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