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[Event] Demise of the False God

[Event] Demise of the False God

219 View2023-09-14
Event Time: September 14 23:59 (UTC+8) to November 30, 2023.
Event Details: The supreme bosses [Body of the False God/Shadow of the False God] are attacking, defeat the false gods to win Appearance Crystals, Jagged Primocrysts, and other generous rewards.
Event Rules:
  • This event includes 5 event stages, which can only be accessed through the [False God's End] event interface.
  • Event Stages do not require tickets, can be challenged repeatedly, and failure does not deduct XP.
  • Upon completing the challenges, the following stages will be unlocked in sequence: False Divine Temple - Forgotten, False Divine Temple - Awakened, False Divine Temple - Sublimation, False Divine Temple - Formless Creation, and False Divine Temple - Annihilation Echo.
  • In the Pseudo-Mysterious Temple - Annihilation Echoes stage, the Pseudo-God's skills can cause fatal damage to players, so please be cautious.
  • After completing the challenge, you need to return to the event interface to claim rewards. Rewards can only be claimed once. After claiming the rewards, you can still replay the stage.
  • After the event ends, the challenge quests will no longer be completable, and unclaimed rewards will not be claimable. Please complete the challenges and claim your rewards in a timely manner.

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