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[Flash Party] Update Maintenance Patch Notes September 27th

[Flash Party] Update Maintenance Patch Notes September 27th

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Greetings, Party Stars! We are carrying out a Scheduled Maintenance for Flash Party on September 27th (Wednesday) from 08:00 to 11:00 (UTC+8), during which the service will be temporarily unavailable. Here are the details of the update:
[New Content]
[New All-rounder Hero: ICEY]
The collaboration between Flash Party and the indie action game ICEY is officially launched!
Time starts to flow again, and ICEY embarks on a journey to find herself once more. This time, she arrives in Metropolis. Pummel, cyclone, overload... those familiar skills will be on display on the party stage!
[Starwaves - Major Version Update]
Flash Party welcomes another major update, including many adjustments, hoping more players can enjoy the fun of Flash Party!
The main content of this update includes:
- Removal of Hero Level system
- Added battle mechanics: Edge Fall, Jablock, Pushback Influence
- Added three new maps
- Matchmaking Mode changed from following time map rotation to random map selection
- 1v1 mode and peak arena add rematch function, allowing up to BO3 matches
- New Hero proficiency system, improving proficiency unlocks various rewards
- Added Stardust appearance shop, with past Season lobby, BGM, loading Background, arena Skin, etc. returning gradually
[New SS1 Party Pass: Starwaves]
New Season: Starwaves and new Party Pass coming soon! We will launch the new SS series after this update and reset the Season !
Purchase the Party Pass to immediately get Gwynn: Blood Moon. Complete party missions, continuously unlock a large number of resources and various outfits, and reach level 30 to get Tarara Starwaves Skin: Starry Dream. Don't miss out on the great rewards!
[SS1 Arena Exclusive Skin: Sivi Gladiator]
The horn of SS1 has been blown, and the gladiator is about to take the stage.
Reach Level 20 Intensity in the new Season's arena to claim the SS1 Arena Exclusive Skin Sivi: Gladiator!
[New Skin Set: Royal Knights]
At some point, faint roars began to be heard deep in the forest, scaring children into stopping their crying and traders no longer daring to cross the dark woods. The elderly who had experienced the dragon slaying wars of the past recognized that terrifying sound - it was a dragon!
The appearance of the dragon disrupted people's peaceful lives, filling the city with cries and whispers... Even the Royal Knights lost the blades capable of slaying the dragon and forgot the techniques to kill the evil dragon due to the passage of time.
As the king fell into despair, the dragon slayer, who had only appeared in paintings and sculptures for a hundred years, returned to the royal city once more, wearing a cloak and holding a heavy blade.
The fateful confrontation between the evil dragon and the knight will unfold again.
[Macalon's New Legendary Skin: Roaring Dragon]
At first, it was the trading caravan traveling through the forest that heard the roaring. Unlike any known beast, the sound was filled with strength and anger... and evil. Later, a night hunter hiding in the woods caught a glimpse of a chilling green light. Finally, the oldest elder in the city broke the silence: there is an evil dragon in the forest!
From then on, the legend of the evil dragon devouring everything in the forest spread throughout the castle, and people were looking forward to the appearance of the savior. However, it is said that a very small number of legendary creature enthusiasts also came to witness the evil dragon.
[More Skins Return to Party Stage]
The following limited-time Skin events will return for a limited time!
- Inheritor Skin Set, including Sandy-Lion Dance and Tong-Phoenix, will return from September 27th to October 30th (UTC+8)
- Whisper of the Tarots Skin Set, including Tina-Strength, Sophia-Justice, and Mr.5-The Hermit, will return from October 7th to November 8th (UTC+8)
Colorful sticker probability increase mechanism adjustment
- Added colorful sticker "Wishing Pool" feature, allowing the selection of 1-3 Heroes to enter the Wishing Pool
- The probability of obtaining unlocked colorful stickers for Heroes in the Wishing Pool is increased 10 times (colorful sticker draws will not grant duplicate stickers, and the specific probability will vary depending on the remaining number of unlocked stickers)
- If a Hero in the Wishing Pool has not yet owned any colorful stickers, the next received colorful sticker will be guaranteed to belong to that Hero
Starwaves Hero Level related compensation
- Each Hero will receive Aura Chest compensation based on their Hero Level in the new version without Hero Level: level 10 Heroes get 14 chests, level 9 Heroes get 8 chests, level 8 Heroes get 5 chests, level 7 Heroes get 4 chests, level 6 Heroes get 3 chests, level 5 Heroes get 2 chests, level 4 Heroes get 1 chest
- Players will receive at least one Aura Chest compensation even if they do not have a Hero above level 4
- All Aura Chest rewards will be directly received and opened by the game system upon the first login after the update
- After the version update, we will automatically add the three highest-level Heroes with all of their Colorful Stickers yet to be unlocked to the "Wishing Pool" for Colorful Stickers.
- Please note: If all of your currently owned Heroes have collected all colorful stickers, you will not be able to continue to obtain unlocked Hero colorful stickers through Aura Chests; to get the most value from your Aura Chest compensation, we recommend unlocking a sufficient number of Heroes before the update
- Starwaves extra colorful sticker compensation: This version adjusts the Aura Chest supplement, for players who can receive more colorful stickers than unlocked colorful stickers when collecting all Aura Chests, we will provide an additional random colorful treasure chest for every 10 Aura Chests overflowed (up to 4), this compensation will be sent to the mail, please claim within the validity period
- For old players who registered before the Stardust Warriors version and never logged in during the Stardust Warriors version period, the Stardust Warriors version's colorful sticker exchange, treasure chest luck conversion, and other compensations will also be issued together when logging in for the first time after the update
Party Royale Mode Will Be Closed
- We regret to announce that due to our inability to find a suitable development direction for Party Royale mode, we have ultimately decided to discontinue its development. Party Royale mode and Party Lab will be closed after the update.
Hero proficiency inheritance rules
- Each Hero has six levels of proficiency rewards
- The proficiency level will be inherited according to the player's highest Stars in Hero history: 500-999 stars will inherit to level 2, 1000-1999 stars will inherit to level 3, and 2000 stars and above will inherit to level 4
Store and event adjustments
- Added weekly Aura Chest gift package to the store, including 2 Aura Chests, priced at 400 Lucky Coins, Monthly Pass privilege discount of 320 Lucky Coins, limited to 1 purchase per week
- Adjusted Monthly Pass daily rewards, increasing daily sticker fragment gains from 30 to 40
- Added "Return to Party" series of return events and a return guide, players who have not logged in for more than 30 days can participate in related events after returning to the game after the update
- "Party Host" sharing invitation event returns
Other adjustments
- Emoji slots increased to 9: unlocked 1 slot through proficiency and directly opened 2 slots
- Two new Emojis gifted
- Tutorial, weekly sign-in, beginners’ seven-day login, weekend Tag Team Match, and other events, some rewards replaced with sticker fragments and chests
- Starlight Wheel, LEGENDARY Skin draw, and some rewards replaced with sticker fragments
- Rewards for appearance experience card expiration, duplicate acquisition, etc., changed from Coins to sticker fragments
- Sticker configuration plan page unlock currency changed to sticker fragments
- The unlock condition for the Badge "Favorite Hero" has been changed from Lv to proficiency (players who have already unlocked this Badge will not lose it)
- After the version update, if you still receive Coins and Hero energy (through old redemption codes, etc.), they will be immediately exchanged at a rate of 1 energy = 1 sticker fragment, and 3 Coins = 1 sticker fragment
- All types of treasure chests now have a chance to obtain past Mission event Emojis and avatars
- Other interface adjustments and optimizations
[Battle Adjustments]
Terminological examples:
A: Attack
B: Skill (Star key)
N-Series Attack: An attack performed without inputting any direction
Forward throw/backward throw: Forward or backward grabs and throws
Invincibility: Can be attacked but will not suffer damage or negative effects
Hit stun: Uncontrollable, unable to perform other actions
[Global Adjustments]
- Added three types of regular Stickers:
  Rebirth - Yellow - Self-healing deals 4% of Knock-out Score (KO Score) damage (Lv5 attribute)
  Smash - Yellow - When hitting an enemy's shield, the enemy's pushback increases by 6% (Lv5 attribute)
  Solid Rock - Yellow - When the shield is attacked, the self-pushback decreases by 6% (Lv5 attribute)
- Added Jablock mechanism: When a character falls to the ground during a hit action, they will bounce slightly, and if a specific attack hits during the bounce, the character will be unable to get up for a short time and trigger the bounce again, which can be triggered up to two consecutive times
- Added Edge Fall mechanism: When a character is in Shield state and is attacked, touching the edge of the platform due to Shield Pushback will cancel the Shield state and cause the character to briefly lose balance and fall outside the platform
- Added Pushback Influence mechanism: When a character is in Shield state and is attacked, the Shield Pushback distance can be slightly influenced by pulling the left joystick
Reduce the performance of some of Sophia's aerial moves and add some weaknesses to Sophia
"Down aerial": Increases the ending lag time of the move and the corresponding time interval that triggers the landing hit stun
Weight: Slightly reduced weight
Fixed the issue where a wall jump could only be performed after an aerial jump.
Improve the usability of moves
"Aerial attack": Reduce the size of the character's hitbox while performing an aerial attack and slightly expand the hit range.
Charged Attack: Fixed the issue where after the upgrade, the Charged Attack-summoned Pururu could not keep the charged action.
"Tri-Force": During the release of Super-neutral B, when S-17 is pushed, the attack hitbox area will move with S-17, preventing accidental hits on targets behind; the final segment of Super-neutral B attack will not have extended judgment due to hit lag.
Colorful sticker "Swallow Kick": After hitting with Horizontal B, the canceled Down B will be fixed to be the same as the regular Down B, requiring at least the first segment to be played before the jump can be canceled.
Dash grab and throw: Fixed the issue where the dash grab fails to throw a paralyzed opponent.
Balance move performance
Ground down attack: Reduced the duration of the sour spot (water splash) hitbox, slightly decreased damage, and reduced the additional hit stun time; slightly increased the damage of the sweet spot.
Showtime: Fixed the issue where, in certain circumstances, Showtime would release the neutral special even if the charge gauge was full.
Improve move performance and increase character potential
All gun-based attacks: Slightly increased the hitbox of the muzzle part, and increased the damage and knock-out caused by that part.
Jump-cancel aerial attack: The ending lag of the aerial attack, released by jump-canceling, is adjusted to be the same as the regular aerial attack.
Fix the issue where the shield is released immediately after being hit, resulting in a longer shield hit stun.
[Other Bug Fixes]
Fixed the issue of Tarara-Just For You skin losing sound effects when using Swing Mastery stickers
Fixed the issue of S-17 Deep Sea Weapon skin playing incorrect sound in the skin interface
Fixed the issue of Tarara-Muse skin's main interface animation playing abnormally
Fixed the issue of Lan-Night Watcher skin not displaying in the selected character box during Team Relay

Please download the up-to-date game client from the App Store, Google Play, TapTap or Steam after the maintenance is complete. After the update, you will receive a gift of 3 Star Chests (valid for 30 days). Please check your in game mail for the gift.

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Update is great and no one really played the battle royale mode anyway



having played this game for a couple weeks now hearing that this might make it less ptw is really good to hear


Kendra Wheatley
Kendra Wheatley

I love the game


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