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Scream Go Hero
Very outdated shouting contest.

Very outdated shouting contest.

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Scream Hero is a game where you need to scream and that's all about it. While it was mind-blowing back in time for a game to see a game controlled by your voice there's nothing more than just that. There's no skins, no levels, no anything. All you can do is just click play and try to beat your highscore which gets boring over time. While it is a fun idea for a game to be controlled by your voice I can't really imagine anyone playing this game as the gameplay is just very inconvenient.
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I am glad to see the sixth work of Ice Scream game is officially launched. This time the main challenge is still to avoid various dangerous enemies, find the answer to the puzzle and rescue your friends. The game is available in eight languages. Ghost mode is the easy difficulty, but the game will have forced pop-up ads. If you're new to this game, I recommend not selecting the hard mode. Although there are barely any bugs, the game is amazing. The new enemies are the best thing ever and the minigame is easier but still gives a challenge. Thanks to Devs of ice scream 6, I can't wait for the future.
I tried this new game called Ice Scream United and Ngl its average i rate it 3-5 The Reasons: The villain Rod always wins the game not because he is fast because there are only 10:00 minutes to escape so Rod always keeps winning Another Reason The players doesn't work together that much i mean the origina Ice Scream series fans only do some tasks the players doesn't coporate nicely Ty for
Ice Scream United: Multiplayer First Impressions
MY OVERALL SCORE 7/10 Enter Rod's factory once again to discover Ice Scream United, a new online cooperative game inside the Ice Scream saga by Keplerians. After a fortuitous lightning strike on the factory, the security system has been reset and has freed J. and his friends from the cages in which they were locked up. Play as the group of kids by collaborating with 3 other players and solve puzzles to escape from the ice cream factory while facing a Rod controlled by a fifth player who will try to capture you.
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