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Cute coordination game

Cute coordination game

683 View2023-10-12
The art and story in this game are very cute. I found the controls to be smooth and the music to be enjoyable. I'm not a terribly coordinated person and I have poor rhythm but I was able to complete a couple of the performances without fumbling too much. If you're having trouble, try adjusting the orientation of your device.
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Adorable rhythm game with just enough challenge and a fun story!
This game is an engaging and challenging game that combines music, coordination, and strategy.
The unique concept of controlling two characters simultaneously creates a deeply immersive experience. The stunning visuals and captivating soundtrack further enhance the overall gameplay. It requires patience and concentration to navigate through intricate levels, but the sense of achievement when successfully completing a level is truly rewarding.
Devil Blade7K2023-10-25
It's cute, but it's a bit difficult to control.
This game has colorful graphics with block monster styles. There are many cute characters. An easy-to-play game you can play anytime. You need dodging skills to dodge monster attacks, pick up items, and fight back, but I feel like it's a bit difficult to control. What I didn't expect was that this game could co-op 1–4 with other people. I recommend it to people who want to play games to kill time.
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