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Concerto on White
More than a Rhythm Music Game, Playing Music with Actual Music Game Creator 🎶

More than a Rhythm Music Game, Playing Music with Actual Music Game Creator 🎶

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My story with Senk

It was a great honor to have invited Concerto on White to TapTap Indie Spotlight event. I had the privilege of chatting with the game's creator, Senk, for quite some time. Senk's vision for the game is to create a music simulation game that goes beyond mere rhythm simulation, and that got me really excited. (by the way, you should really read his devlog; it could bring great inspiration to those who have a passion for doing their own. )

Playing Senk's Original: Where the Adventure Begins

The fact that Senk and I both share a deep passion for music and are capable musicians added to our instant connection. Interestingly, many of the songs featured in Concerto on White are actually original compositions by Senk himself. During our conversation, I floated the idea of me covering some of Senk's original tracks from Concerto on White, as a TapTap Editor. Seizing the opportunity presented by the Indie Spotlight event, I dusted off my guitar, which had been neglected for a while, and performed these covers for TapTap's players. It's been an absolute blast!
My cover on Where the Adventure Begins:

It's a symphony of visual and melodic wonders

Concerto on White isn't just another rhythm game. It's a musical journey that seeks to redefine the genre. The game demands precision and timing akin to conducting an orchestra, where each note plays a pivotal role in the harmony.

Mastering "Concerto on White" is like refining one's skill on a musical instrument. It offers a plethora of musical tracks, each with increasing complexity. To conquer this melodic challenge, players need more than just gaming prowess – they need a keen rhythmic sense.
The game offers a visually enchanting experience, perfectly complementing its musical essence. The graphics sync immaculately with the notes, intensifying the overall immersion.
my gameplay footage:
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Buddy this cover is so epic... Feel extremely satisfied to have a real musician play my piece (●ˇ∀ˇ●)


Degas Author

Love your music and love your game! Keep on doing what you love!


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🎬 Presentation: "Embrace the enthralling symphony of 'Concerto on White,' a gaming marvel that harmonizes music and challenge into an extraordinary masterpiece. **A Chorus of Challenge:** - 'Concerto on White' isn't just a game; it's a musical odyssey that challenges your senses and skills. The gameplay is like a thrilling tightrope walk, demanding precision and rhythm, creating an exhilarating adventure for your fingertips and ears.
Concerto on White offers a captivating experience in the world of music rhythm simulations. As a fan of this genre, I was thoroughly impressed with the game. The attention to detail in recreating music rhythms is remarkable, and the visual design is nothing short of stunning. The gameplay is intuitive and immersive, making it accessible to both newcomers and seasoned players.👍 Pros:
Noah Mir7672023-10-13
Concerto on White Devlog: A Symphony of Passion and Dreams
Hello to all music and game enthusiasts, Senk here. As the hype for Indie Spotlight launches, I wanted to pause and dive into the heartbeats and melodies that shaped this project. Rethinking Rhythm Games Lately, I've noticed many rhythm games narrowing down the vast world of music to just its beat. With my background deeply rooted in East Asian music, I've always held the melody in high regard. Watching the market streamline and simplify music this way felt off-key. So, back in 2016, an idea formed: a game that brings together rhythm and pitch, painting a full musical picture. Enter, Concerto on White. Instead of just tapping to the rhythm, you play the actual melody, mimicking the mechanics of a violin or guitar. For those familiar with rhythm games, this is pure melody immersion!
C11 Games22K2023-10-08
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