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Polygon Arena: Online Shooter
Polygon Arena: Online Shooter (Gameplay)

Polygon Arena: Online Shooter (Gameplay)

942 View2023-10-16
I really love the interactive game instructions at the beginning of it. Seeing the game icon gives a hint to me that it's gonna be like a suicide squad type of game, wherein you'll knock out everything that comes your way.
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Polygon Arena: Online Shooter GAMEPLAY
It has a cool setup and graphics. The killing station was too clean, no bloods yet it was enjoying and my son really liked it. Well, it has some similarities with some other games but you can easily recognize this game. It was also a little hard to level up since there were too many players stealing my kills. *ugh*
(GAMEPLAY) Polygon Arena: Online Shooter
I was getting tired of looking for a fun and unique shooting game until I saw this one. Fight in thrilling battles & frag pro enemies. I was just worried cause I don't have internet when I travel outside. *sigh* This is the best casual shooting war game experience in the arena for me. It has perfect stylized graphics and high-quality optimization for every mobile device.
Polygon Arena : Online Shooter (Android, iOS) Gameplay
Full Video on YouTube Channel - ( CooLMooks Gaming ) Instagram - coolmooksgaming
CooLMooks Gaming 7432023-10-13
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