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Polygon Arena: Online Shooter
(GAMEPLAY) Polygon Arena: Online Shooter

(GAMEPLAY) Polygon Arena: Online Shooter

899 View2023-10-16
I was getting tired of looking for a fun and unique shooting game until I saw this one. Fight in thrilling battles & frag pro enemies. I was just worried cause I don't have internet when I travel outside. *sigh*
This is the best casual shooting war game experience in the arena for me.
It has perfect stylized graphics and high-quality optimization for every mobile device.

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Polygon Arena MOBILE
It's a first-person multiplayer 3D shoot'em game with blocky cartoon graphics 📖 Storyline: There is no intro, we will simply fight in exciting battles and tear apart professional FPS and PvP enemies both offline and online. The cartoonish graphics of Polygon Arena make it look attractive despite its simplicity compared to other games in the genre but what really sets it apart from others is its action packed gunplay system which lets players use multiple weapons like rifles, shotguns and pistols during combat situations while having the option of taking cover behind walls or obstacles when needed. The controls feel responsive and they allow users to easily maneuver around their environment without too much trouble.
Polygon Arena - Mobile Gamplay
Polygon Arena multiplayer PvP FPS action battle 3D shooting games Polygon Arena is a casual first-person multiplayer 3D shooter with cartoon graphics and fun gameplay. Play an addictive online first-person shooter action game with friends and other players online! Fight in thrilling battles & frag pro enemies in this online FPS Polygon Arena shooter. The best casual shooting war games experience in the arena. Call your best shooter and combat on the war. If you like Online Shooter, Multiplayer PVP ,Single Player FPS and to be a  sniper, so this Multiplayer Shooting game is for you Perfect stylized graphics and high quality optimization for every mobile device.
JG Top Games1K2023-10-26
Simple controls and a familiar style of gunplay | Beta Review - Polygon Arena: Online Shooter
✨Overview Polygon Arena: Online Shooter is a fast-paced casual mobile shooter. This team-based deathmatch FPS is all about shootouts with opponents in thrilling battles across a four bite-sized maps: Bank Heist, The Garden, Parking Lot, and Farm House. Featuring a cast of ten characters, each armed with a unique passive and active ability. The game is currently in an Open Beta Test for Android as of writing with many new features added.
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