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🀩 Pool Match Is On in Hamlet Bar! 🎱

🀩 Pool Match Is On in Hamlet Bar! 🎱

210 View2023-11-12
Meow, pals! 🐾 We're playing billiards at Hamlet Bar!
Well, THEY are playing -  I can't even REACH the table! Ugh!😑 So, I became the judge, since I'm such a good cat with good cat-titude. 🐱
The winner comes to Bai, bravo!! The match is fun to see, but it would be much better if they had a table that suits my size.πŸ€” Smash the like button if you agree!
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ParaSpace Official 6582023-11-26
Funny Cats
This game kindΒ  of makes me feel dizzy, but still great, love it!
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GEMIG Official6112023-11-26
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