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Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare III
Another Year, Another COD. BUT How Good is Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3's Multiplayer? [Review]

Another Year, Another COD. BUT How Good is Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3's Multiplayer? [Review]

3K View2023-11-13
To say that I went into this year’s Call of Duty with low expectations is probably a massive understatement. Despite Activision-Blizzard saying that there would be no COD in 2023, somehow they went ahead and broke that promise with the release of MW3. The game is an immediate outlier due to being a direct sequel to the previous year’s COD, something that hasn’t happened outside of the game’s earlier years.
First and foremost, the game runs similarly to how it does on MW2 and Warzone 2.0, considering MW3 uses the exact same IW 9.0 engine as those games. If you’ve been playing those games, you’ll feel right at home and familiar with the recurring mechanics and movement. The UI also doesn’t feel great to navigate and sometimes just refuses to work.
What does feel great are the guns. Gunplay is crisp, reactive, and fast. There’s not much else to say except that COD has really got the FPS formula down to a science. It’s no wonder this series sells like hotcakes every year. Even if certain aspects of MW3 don’t live up to snuff, the multiplayer combat still feels great most of the time.

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