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[BETA] Kingdom: The Blood
Kingdom: The Blood playtest is open!

Kingdom: The Blood playtest is open!

601 View2023-12-05
Kingdom: The Blood, an Action RPG based on Netflix's popular TV Show is now in playtest on Steam and Google Play!

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Kingdom: The Blood Playtest will be available on Steam and Android on Dec. 5th ~ 11th!
It's for everyone. Stay tuned!
TapTap News9K2023-11-20
Kingdom The Blood: Bite-Sized Preview Playtest Review
Prepare to rise from the dead and face the horde in Kingdom: The Blood, an upcoming action RPG based on the popular Netflix series Kingdom. Developed by Action Square, this mobile and PC game promises to deliver intense zombie-slaying action with a unique blend of storytelling and gameplay. Let's delve into the early information available and see if this title has the potential to become the next mobile gaming sensation.
Chaotic Inc. 2K2023-12-07
ARPG Kingdom: The Blood Announced for Mobile and PC
Based on the Netflix zombie series Kingdom, Kingdom: The Blood is an action role-playing game, which is now officially announced for Android, iOS and PC. A release date is not revealed. Kingdom: The Blood will bring you to the zombie-infested 16th century Korea. The game will feature a story mode that follows the original Netflix show, as well as a Conquest Mode that includes boss fights and PvP battles.
TapTap Editor95K2022-07-12
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