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Star Survivor
My New Sci-Fi Addiction: Star Survivor

My New Sci-Fi Addiction: Star Survivor

513 View2023-12-18
Venture into the cosmos with me and get hooked on Star Survivor, an impeccable blend of FTL's aesthetics and Vampire Survivor's frenetic gameplay.
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Dope! Been looking for a new Sci-Fi game for ages!


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Vampire Survivors meets FTL in this extremely addictive game
SHOULD I PLAY STAR SURVIVOR? Buddy, did you read that headline? Star Survivor brings together the aesthetics and general sci-fi vibe of FTL, one of the best roguelikes ever made, and Vampire Survivors, one of the biggest indie hits of the past few years. Yes, you should play Star Survivor. Just be prepared to lose a lot of free time to this one. TIME PLAYED It’s hard to even estimate how many hours I’ve lost in this game so far. Maybe ten? Maybe twenty? Time seems to just slip away when I start it up. I can say that I’ve had multiple successful runs through the campaign mode, have unlocked and powered up quite a few cards, and have tested out all four ship types that are currently available. I’m already eagerly awaiting the endless mode, which is not yet in the game.
Star Survivor | Developer Story
My inspiration for Star Survivor stemmed from my fascination with the power fantasy I encountered in Vampire Survivors and my passion for grand sci-fi spacecrafts. How is it different from all the other VS Clones? - Controls: A unique control scheme demands finesse but becomes rewarding with practice. - Deck building: Craft your own strategy by curating your library, controlling your draws during the run. - Equipment Placement: Upgrades and their placements significantly impact shooting mechanics and each other.
This game has received a lot of attention because it has amazing graphics, fun gameplay, and an inte
A game that's an exhilarating and captivating game that takes players on an intergalactic journey unlike any other. Set in a distant future where space exploration has become a common occurrence, Star Survivor thrusts players into the role of a courageous space adventurer. As the protagonist, your mission is to navigate treacherous cosmic landscapes, encounter alien civilizations, and ultimately survive in a hostile, ever-evolving universe.
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