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THE FINALS | Stance on Implements Anti-Cheating Updates Instead of Enforcing Regional Locks.

THE FINALS | Stance on Implements Anti-Cheating Updates Instead of Enforcing Regional Locks.

3K View2023-12-22

THE FINALS is an immersive first-person shooter (FPS) game that has gained a a hot start since it's December 8 release. Its rapid gameplay, gratifying mechanisms, and distinctive delivery immediately captivated numerous gamers, leading to its widespread success. However, amidst its popularity, the game has encountered a pressing issue - cheating, a common problem in multiplayer FPS games. Numerous players have raised concerns over the increasing presence of cheaters within the game's community. The problem has been exacerbated by the prevalence of cheats, which have had a detrimental impact on the gameplay experience for many.

The cheaters have posed a significant challenge for game players, leading to frustration and a sense of unfairness throughout the gaming community. In response to this, an outcry emerged from players claiming that most of these users are playing from China, particularly requesting that cheaters from China be region locked or banned entirely. These requests underscored the severity of the issue and the extent of its impact on players' experience.

Developers of
THE FINALS have acknowledged the concerns raised by the community regarding cheating but have expressed a decision not to impose a ban exclusively on Chinese region.  In a statement, the game's community manager clarified that the appearance of Mandarin names on the leaderboard does not exclusively denote the nationality of the players. The company emphasized its stance against region-locking China, citing apprehensions pertaining to xenophobia and racism as primary reasons for this decision. Instead, the development team has directed their efforts towards the enhancement of the game's anti-cheat system.

The game's developer Embark Studios are determined to combat cheating effectively by rolling out a comprehensive anti-cheat patch, numbered at
patch 1.4.0. This major update brings with it “major changes” to anti-cheat detection. This proactive approach aims to strengthen the game's security measures, providing a more equitable and enjoyable gaming environment for all players and affirming their commitment to maintaining fair play within THE FINALS.
Implementing a region-lock specific to China would unfairly impact the overwhelming majority of Chinese players, many of whom do not engage in cheating practices. Not withstanding these challenges, THE FINALS remains committed to delivering regular updates intended to maximize the overall enjoyment of the game and bolster the game's defenses against unfair play. THE FINALS are striving to uphold the integrity of the gaming experience and foster a more positive community for all players.

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