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[ Efootball ] G. Zeitler (J.Klopp) Guide 2024

[ Efootball ] G. Zeitler (J.Klopp) Guide 2024

4K View2024-01-03
This guide is the newest player choices guide (2024.1.3) to quick counter manager G.Zeitler in Efootball2024.
-Front 3(CF, LMF, RMF)
The front three includes a CF, a RMF and a LMF.
In Efootball2024, fast and good dribbler is very important especially in counter attacks. At least one player in position LMF and RMB should be a fast or good dribbler.
Player recommendations : Mbappe/Salah/Rashford/Saka/Neymar
Although CF does not need to be as fast as the wingers(midfielders, at this point), they should be able to hold the ball with the back facing the defender and placing the ball to the two sides. They should also have a good finishing in order to finish the chances inside the box.

Recommendations : Ronaldo/Haaland/Oshimhen/Lukaku
-MidFielders (AMF, DMFs)

Attacking Midfielder should be able to place the ball to two sides, or to the centre foward during the counter attack. He should also have the ability to finish a decent chance when he makes a run into the box and recieve the ball. Dribbling is not a must, but passing and shooting is very important.
Recommendations: Messi/De Bryune/Gerrard

Defending midfielder is important in starting a counter attack. They always receive the ball from deep position and they should have the ability to pass the ball to the AMF or front threes. They should also have a proper defending ability to stop opponents from facing the back four or even the keeper directly.

⚠️ I already have enough defending ability with Veira so i put a less defensive midfielder in the other DMF position to increase the quick counter fluidity and speed.

DMF recommendations : Veira👍/Casemiro

-Back fours
RB and LB needs a good lofted pass and speed. They also need good defending ability to stop opponents dribble or crosses into the box.
Recommendations : Arnold/R.James/Roberto Carlos/Cancelo
You need a destroyer CB and a build up CB (No Extra Frontman!) (check player stats-> styles). Two build ups are also acceptable but not really needed since the only thing the CB needs to do is clear the ball out of the box or make a quick pass to the DMFs or LM RBs.
Recommendations: Rudiger/Marquinhos/Kim

Offensive goalkeeper, nothing new.
Recommendations: Neuer
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Interesting suggestions. I'll definitely give these strategies a try in my game.


Collin Mbatya
Collin Mbatya

I want to know you did use space



Wow team and so nice


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