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Manager Guide — Klopp

Manager Guide — Klopp

3K View2023-04-16
Using klopp as your manager, which means you play quick counter as your gameplay. Here is how to maximise klopp’s quick counter tactics:
For strikers,
1) You need strikers with high speed/acceleration, avoid using strikers with slow speed, they do not have enough speed or stamina to make those runs. Recommended strikers/wingers: Mbappe/Haaland/Oshimen/Richarlison/Neymar(signed version)/Salah/Vini JR/other fast fowards
For midfielder:
1) still fast midfielders are recommended, and use midfielders with strong bodies for DMF position.
Recommend to use 1x Midfielder with strong passing and 1x with strong tackling. DMF must be strong at tackling.
Recommended Midfielders :
De bruyne/Veira/Casemiro/Enzo fernadez/Modric/Kroos/Kessie/Gerrard
For Defenders :
1) For LB and RB, they should have strong attacking stats, they will join attack by moving their position foward.
**2) For CB, use one CB with DESTROYER playstyle and another one with BUILD UP playstyle. Do not use both DESTROYER or both BUILD UP.
Recommended LB / RB :
Arnold/Davies/Hernadez/Roberto Carlos/Azp
Recommended CB combination:
BUILD UP : Van dijk / De ligt/Alaba
DESTROYER : Koulibaly(Napoli ver.) / Rudiger/ Ruben Diaz
For GoalKeeper :
1)Use attacking goal keeper
Recommended :
Alisson / Sommer /Neuer/ Dida/ kahn
Thats all! Hope you can build your ultimate team asap!
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anas Mohamed
anas Mohamed

Today ronaldo pes ok


anas Mohamed
anas Mohamed

ok pes Today ⚽️⚽️⚽️✅✅👍👍


Salaman Ismaciil
Salaman Ismaciil

how to set it up


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