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Wonderers:Eternal World
Wonderers: Eternal World - A GORGEOUS 3D Action RPG Online Game In Wonderland!

Wonderers: Eternal World - A GORGEOUS 3D Action RPG Online Game In Wonderland!

3K View2024-01-09
I'd say that I enjoyed my time in Wonderers: Eternal World. There didn't seem to be a lot to do though that I could find, mainly the PVE and PVP mode, perhaps more unlocks later. I found the PVE mode to be confusing and I got stuck a lot on where to go next. The PVP was much more straightforward and I enjoyed that a lot more. I love the graphics of the game though, they look really good. I tried playing this on PC but the horrible launcher the game has was slow and terrible to use, so I ended up playing it on my iPhone instead. It ran smoothly on my phone and was easy to use the controls. I give this game a 7/10 overall score, could have been 8, but I just didn't enjoy the PVE aspect of the game that much compared to the PVP.
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reminds me of nostale online


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Wonderers: Eternal World - A UNIQUE TAKE On Wonderland In An ONLINE Game
🎮 Game: Wonderers: Eternal World 🍭 Platform: Android | iOS | PC ✨ Genre: Action | Anime | 3D | Online | Multiplayer | ⚔️Play a unique take on Wonderland, and play as Alice who now wields a great sword. Play in PVE or PVP games and also gacha for pets and costumes. ⚔️Top Down Action RPG ⚔️Anime Style Visuals ⚔️Unlock heroes ⚔️Enhance your weapons in the PVE Dungeons ⚔️PVE Dungeons got confusing for me
Sora Synn2K2024-01-09
Wonderers: Eternal World needs a bit of polish before it's a permanent addition on my phone
SHOULD I PLAY WONDERERS: ETERNAL WORLD? If you're looking for a fun chibi-style game with PVP/PVE elements and a similar style to MapleStory 2, Wonderers: Eternal World is worth looking at. I had a blast exploring this open world and combining action and strategy to progress through the levels. Nevertheless, as fun as it was exploring the world of Wonderers, I experienced crashes, glitches, and slow patch downloads that made it an extremely frustrating title to play. User beware!
[GAMEPLAY] Wonderers:Eternal World
This game provides a variety of gameplay modes to cater to different gaming preferences. These include 4 vs 4 real-time team battles, roguelike PvE dungeons, mini-games, and engaging PvP matches. The game offers a range of activities and challenges to keep players entertained and engaged. The game also combines action and adventure elements, offering combat encounters, puzzle-solving, exploration, and a compelling storyline~
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