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Magic Chronicle: Isekai RPG
A GAME TO SIT BACK & ENJOY! Let Your Cute Heroes Lead You to Victory! | Magic Chronicle: Isekai

A GAME TO SIT BACK & ENJOY! Let Your Cute Heroes Lead You to Victory! | Magic Chronicle: Isekai

2K View2024-01-14
Magic Chronicle: Isekai is a fantasy mobile auto-battling RPG wrapped up in cutely drawn 2D art that puts you on a quest to defeat the demonic forces that seek to restore the Demon Crystal.
As a summoner in the land of Taelan, it is your responsibility to gather strong allies and meet the demons head on to save the world—and lucky for you, the adventure is a lot easier than you think.
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Jay Hunter
Jay Hunter

Sick video! Love your content.


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Magic Chronicle: Isekai RPG - Mobile Game Review: "Fantasy World Full of Surprises"
✨ Ups of Magic Chronicle Hero Galore: This game's like a superhero buffet with all the heroes you get to pick from. Each one’s got their own magic powers and epic backstories. It's like having a whole fantasy novel worth of characters! 1000 Free Draws: When you start, they just shower you with 1000 free draws. That's a whole lot of hero trying-out! Plus, they hand you an SSS hero [King of Gods-Odin] for a trial run. Talk about rolling out the red carpet!
SIMPLE YET FUN! Sit Back & Enjoy This Cute Hero-Collector RPG! | Magic Chronicle: Isekai
Magic Chronicle: Isekai is a mobile auto-battling RPG that puts players into the boots of a summoner, a special individual capable of calling forth great heroes from across time and history to aid us on our quest: to defeat the demonic forces that seek to restore the Demon Crystal. It is up to you, the summoner, to rally heroes and defeat the hordes of demons that stand in your way. You assemble a team of five heroes and take to each level, duking it out with a set number of enemies you have to defeat. Your characters will automatically target and attack nearby foes, making full use of their equipment and arsenal to do so. Every hero also has a special yellow bar that unleashes an ultimate skill once fully charged. These attacks can really turn the tide when things get hairy.
R8 Gaming (HyRool)2K2024-01-14
Not as generic as the title makes it out to be | Review - Magic Chronicle: Isekai RPG
✨Overview Magic Chronicle: Isekai RPG is a mobile gacha game set in a fantasy world called Taelan Land, featuring chibi characters and an auto-battler experience where players to assemble a team of up to five heroes and engage in battles against demons. 🟩Pros +Well done visuals and character design +Various game modes +Accessiblity and quality of life features +Generous progression rates 🟥Cons -Not much depth in the combat -Features that are locked behind paywalls and VIP subscriptions
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