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CookieRun: Tower of Adventures
I can give you codes to play CookieRun: Tower of Adventures now!

I can give you codes to play CookieRun: Tower of Adventures now!

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Im lucky to get invited to the CBT of the latest CookieRun release. The game is quite new relative to its previous releases. This time it's a hack and slash game with serious implementation of gacha in it. In the end of this review, you can apply for an access in the form then comment below if you already have the game installed, I'll reply with a code to access. I only have 3 so please be quick if you want to!
Graphics wise it's surprisingly consistent and ... Cute! The 3D cell-shading is simple, thematic, and with clever camera arrangements in some preview shot really put the beauty of this game to it's absolute best. Although simple, the shader is modern, some post-processing such as bloom, highlight reflection, and the cell-shading itself is present so the graphics still looks decent in technical perspective.
I Couldn't say the performance of this game because I only tested this on Snapdragon 870 (1080p) phone and Snapdragon 888 (2K) tablet. However there is not a single loading or stutter at all throughout the game, the phone doesn't get hot at all drawing only 3-4W of power. There is no graphics settings as I'm aware, I assume the graphics follows the device capabilities automatically.
The gameplay mainly revolve around hack-and-slash, the classes are differentiated into mostly melee or mostly ranged. When your skill executed perfectly it's just satisfying.
Gacha plays a big part of this game. While at first you can safely navigates around the first 10 story mode, or the easy level of some dungeon levels. The bottleneck of exponentially increasing prices are starting to be present and it is worrying!
So I play coop mainly in this game. And because I own 2 Epic cookies, the difference in power is stark and ridiculous. To match the stat of my 1 star epic character it needs 3 star common character or 2 star rare character. Which otherwise very hard to obtain because you never know when you'll get the character again in gacha (to upgrade the star). This will cause annoyance when you can't join a story or raid with your friends that's too low in power to satisfy the requirements. And didn't I tell you the requirements increases exponentially?
Some of the basic elements surely can be grinded. However if your luck isn't with you in the first place there is only so much you can obtain with low-rarity character.
Is it hard to obtain them tickets to draw a character? Well not really. Mostly you can see like Gacha based games, it will give you a lot of chance to draw for free. But when you're out of it, your luck is spent, and the pity is just 10 draws closer, your option is to buy gems that is directly associated with in-game purchase.
And yeah after obtaining a character there are still artifact, wearable (which categorized to 5) and many kind of upgradable stuff. I can't tell how much because everything kinda is, and it's upgradable has other kind of hidden upgradable and inside there is even upgradable hidden upgrades. Which all plays ridiculous difference in stat-score and therefore power.
Also, just a side note. The gacha is uncomfortably close to elements in Honkai: Star Rail. From the stars, space-like train, card-based reward preview, new character showcase, and so on really resembles what HSR already did. Which is a big problem because I think it kinda hurts the game persona and now feels more like just imitation of other game's style. I think the cuteness of the game is already perfect to be used in its own style of gacha scenes instead of using the elements of other games.
The shop doesn't allow you to use coins. Instead you get jelly bears which act as a currency that is limited only in story. You can't obtain more if you already took all the jelly beans. At least in this Playtest. Who knows? Maybe it resets per week.
While I really enjoy the game mechanic, the characters, and all the gameplay modes, I starting to realize how afraid I am at the vision this game gonna become in like a week of playing. The prices to upgrade will be so expensive, the tickets will be so rare, and the event requirements will keep increasing in a rate which players who play for free just only dream of getting there. I hope that vision isn't true tho, but with just 1 day of playing, your freebies already starting to show its limit.
Now is the time for access code giveaway. Like I mentioned earlier, all you need to do is download the game after obtaining the download link via filling this form below. Since limited amount of codes, I only want those who actually want to play to have these. So, after the game installed in your phone/tablet please give a screenshot that you actually already downloaded them in the comment below. Which I'll reply the code for you to submit to enter the game.
Here's the form:
Good luck everyone!
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I agree about the similarities to Honkai star rail.


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