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IS Warframe Still Worth Playing In 2024?

IS Warframe Still Worth Playing In 2024?

1K View2024-02-21
Warframe, the free-to-play sci-fi action RPG, has carved its niche in the online gaming landscape with its unique blend of fluid combat never before seen in many mmos in its time period, customizable Warframe, and an ever-expanding universe which has been expanding since its release in 2013. In 2024, the game continues to evolve 11 years later, offering a compelling experience for both seasoned players and newcomers alike. In this video i want to see if warframe is still worth playing 11 years later?
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Suck it
Suck it

it is very addictive


Suck it
Suck it

short answer is yes


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Chaotic Inc. 3K2023-03-21
Guys, this game, has to be the best warframe copy ever!!!! I just tried it, let's review guys! 👍 Pros: it's amazing, very sci-fi like it's genre, unlike games who says it's sci-fi but isn't, anyways it's good, space type look 👎 Cons: the camera is a bit like devil may cry peak of combat and i hate it otherwise cool 🎮 Gameplay: very nice, I like it it's immersive 📖 Storyline: it's also very nice, tells us the history of what happened in the game
The game is a breath of fresh air. We don't get too many Sci-fi MMORPG nowadays and I'm glad this one got released. The game really reminds me of Warframe specially its character designs. Since its an MMORPG, we have different classes choose from as well as not being gender-locked so we can customized our own preferences for our character. We also get to choose from two factions to start with. I just have a couple of problem regarding the gameplay. When fighting bosses earlier, I noticed that the camera is a little bit off when the bosses gets airborne when attacking and it makes the POV awkward since the camera is on-follow when you lock the boss. The other one is its probably better to have indicators when the boss will attack. I don't have a problem with memorizing the attack patterns of the bosses but they attack so quickly that I can't even dodge on time.
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