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Plants vs. Zombies™ 3
7 Levels in... I'm disappointed

7 Levels in... I'm disappointed

823 View2024-03-01
I had just finished the 7th level, and it feels... Weird.
👍 Pros
- The animations are BEAUTIFUL, I love the bounciness of the plants.
👎 Cons
- I really don't get the need to make it so "mobile game-y" with the heart system and linear level system. It feels very lame, and overall hinders the traditional PvZ experience
- Why is there a need to force you for which plants you must choose? The core of PvZ was making different plant teams and strategies for different levels.
- Level 7 was by far the dumbest level so far, making it too difficult for the player, especially if they were new to the franchise. Not only do you barely have enough to produce the sun required to defend, but there are also not grass patches at the back of the yard, making it WAY harder than it needs to be to defend. FOR THE 7TH LEVEL!? If I was a new player I would have quit after a few attempts, and hell, even if a new player were determined to beat, but they lose too many times, guess what? You have a heart limit! Why!?
Overall, it seems... okay? I'll continue to play it, and possibly change my review if I start to like it more, but I'm very disappointed with the game so far :/.
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Derajat Taruno Jati
Derajat Taruno Jati

devs thought the player of this game must have a brain chewed by zombie, so they direct entire strategy for the player..


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147 levels later (and lots of frustration) it's done... What I want to be changed: I want to be able to choose my own plants for each level or at least most of them. I want the difficulty system fixed ( some normal levels are harder than the Hard entitled levels) I want more plants from the previous games (seriously the number of plants is very limited compared to even PvZ 1) The amount of boosters is generous as it should be (keep it that way)
Shadow X2992024-02-03
I love the game yet I think it's really repetitive with the the same couple of plants and the fact that you can't choose them sucks and I feel that in some levels it's way too reliant on power ups (like lv 116). I personally  think they should make it a bit more like pvz 2 in some ways I love the difficulty. (just make it less reliant on power ups.) And maybe some easter eggs here and there plus advancements and endless it would be great! I like the game story alot and how you can choose different appearances for stuff. Love the game
This game is very separate from the two previous series. Pros : In my opinion, the previous and current soft launch art styles aren't too bad, whether it's 3D or 2D, it still gives its own characteristics to the game even though it hasn't changed too much. I really like how the animation is more movement than the previous game. Cons : They are really trying to make this game 100% mobile following other mobile games like Gardenscapes.
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