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64 View2024-04-10
There's a game also in ps1 which is the blue exorcist but I can't play it because the language is japanese. I saw that on website on emulator.
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I love this game played it on ps2 but now want to experience it on android.
I played it on Xbox 360, Xbox One, and my new Xbox Series X. It's actually a horror game that actually makes you sh*t your pants. The alien is introduced fairly quickly, so it almost cuts straight to the chase. The lethal manikins should be avoided at all costs. Otherwise, if you run, the alien will tickle (impale you brutally with his stabby stabby tail thingy)  ya till you die
I have played this on switch and it is good
guitar man682024-01-11
Nine Sols
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Codename: Arrival
Soul Knight Prequel
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Lethal Company
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Lost Future
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